Monday, August 01, 2011

Classic Quickie: Moss Moons

In honor of the retirement of Randy Moss, from the Daily Quickie, January 10, 2005:

Two Words For You:

Call it "Wardrobe Function." Moss' "Moon" move to celebrate his game-clinching TD catch in the 4th quarter was more than crass; it was the boldest celebratory gesture of the season (take that, T.O.).

Ugly? Hardly: It was awesome!

More important, it was catharsis for a team given no chance to stumble into Lambeau and glide out with the biggest upset of wild-card weekend.

He didn't just turn a cheek at the Packers' end-zone fans. His move was for the haters in the media, the doubters in Minnesota and the fans of top-seed Philly, suddenly a little more nervous.

Sure, he'll be fined and undoubtedly excoriated everywhere in the media -- except here. (Hey, it's not like he actually dropped his drawers.)

Here's the NFL's dirty secret: If you make plays, you can do what you want. And Moss delivered a TD. And another. And, as a bonus, the most telegenic hair in football.

There's a new rallying cry for the Vikings:

'Fro the ball to Randy!


You have to remember that the very next morning after the mooning, the conventional wisdom in the media was squarely behind Joe Buck's "disgust," when -- in reality -- the vast majority of fans were much closer to where I was coming from: It was hilarious (and even more devastating in that he earned it with how well he played). Over time, the "hilarious" camp won out and the "disgusting" line became arguably the defining moment of Buck's career (and not in a good way).

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