Wednesday, September 07, 2011

09/07 (Settling In) Quickie

Apologies for the spotty posting this week -- still settling in to the new digs. A few points:

*I didn't make it to Nats Park last night for the debut of Strasburg '11, but I'm definitely going to get to one of his other starts this month.

*But about Strasburg: He wasn't overpowering -- just impressive. Remember, these last few starts of '11 are just a training exercise. By next spring, he's going to be must-see constantly.

*I could not track down a Maryland football jersey from Monday night at any of the local sporting-goods stores. Now THAT is a shame.

*Baylor is holding up Texas A&M leaving for the SEC? That's a joke; Baylor is acting in an equally self-serving way as A&M or Oklahoma or Texas. Just let it go, Baylor folks.

*Jaguars unceremoniously release QB David Garrard: He'll be fine -- plenty of contenders want a seasoned backup, and Garrard on a good team will be very effective.

(Should the Jaguars try to trade for Tim Tebow? Yes, for two reasons: (1) Marketing. (2) That team needs to shed NFL orthodoxies and try some new ideas, which Tebow allows for.)

*US Open: I'm actually kind of excited about the idea that the final 16 in the field will have to play four matches in four days in order to win. That's grueling.

*The BlogPoll collective ranked LSU at No. 1 -- as they deserved to be, if you care more about what a team has done THIS season than what the preseason fiction might have been.

*Book Club: "The Art of Fielding" by Chad Harbach, supposedly instantly one of the best baseball novels of all time. Can't wait to dig in. Lots of good reviews this week.

*TV Tonight: "Herschel" documentary about the incomparable Herschel Walker, at 8 ET on ESPNU.

More tomorrow, including NFL picks. Thanks for your patience as I get settled in the new location.

-- D.S.

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