Monday, March 26, 2012

03/26 (Big Monday) Quickie

*If you weren't around this weekend, don't miss my piece in yesterday's New York Times about Tebow fandom and Jets fandom (and rooting for the name on the back of the jersey, not the front).

*How's your bracket? Anyone have Kentucky-Louisville-Ohio State-Kansas as their Final Four? A few thoughts:

- Wow, is Kentucky a buzzsaw. Haven't seen "Win or Fail" expectations like this since 2007 Florida. And they justify it.

- Louisville will have no fear of Kentucky, and that is probably the No. 1 factor in any chance the Cards have to pull a monumental upset.

- Kansas made everyone forget about their lackluster tournament through the Elite Eight by pulling off the best win of the tournament so far. Triangle and two? Love it.

- Ohio State feels very overlooked -- I actually like them to upend KU in the Final Four.

*Tiger wins (finally): It's been a long, long time, and suddenly the Masters is a lot more than "Will Tiger finally win one?" It's "Wow, can Tiger win the Masters again?" which would be one of the great comeback stories in sports of the past generation.

*If it's Heat-Thunder in the NBA Finals, I think everyone could get behind that. I still think the Bulls can/will beat the Heat in the East Finals.

*Tim Tebow introductory NY Jets press conference at noon. That won't be a big deal or anything.

*The sports world has been so insane the past week, it's crazy to think that the baseball season starts this week.

-- D.S.

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gef the talking mongoose said...

"it's crazy to think that the baseball season starts this week."

It really is, especially since the season starts NEXT week, on April 4.
Good grief, man.