Thursday, March 29, 2012

03/29 (Early Baseball) Quickie

*My one-month-old daughter wouldn't sleep at 5 a.m., so thank you, MLB, for having the Mariners and A's on live from Japan. Opening Day-ish-ish! (Cespedes!)

*Apparently, I missed my window to buy Reebok Tebow Jets gear. Well played, Nike.

*I am absolutely loving all this coverage of the Kentucky-Louisville rivalry, which I knew existed but didn't nearly appreciate enough.

*Mike Brown has pulled off the trick of alienating both Kobe and Bynum in the same week.

*The Knicks are apparently just fine without Jeremy Lin. This is going to be a fun nothing-to-lose team to watch in the playoffs.

*OK, so he's not Shaka Smart, but Ohio's John Groce is a great hire for Illinois. He is high-energy, he recruits like a maniac and his system wins tournament games in March.

*If I was Bill Parcells, I would totally step in and coach the Saints next year. Why not?

*Have you seen Ray Lewis' locker room speech to Stanford men's hoops?

-- D.S.

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