Friday, June 01, 2012

06/01 (June Already?) Quickie

The dream of the Spurs going 16-0 through the playoffs is over, after last night. But even if the Thunder make it interesting -- and last night's win qualifies -- it's hard to imagine SAS not moving on.

Heat-Celtics Game 3: The question is whether the Celtics have anything left after basically giving it everything in Game 2 and still losing. Maybe they get the home-court bump... but does it really matter?

Spelling Bee: As always, gripping drama from talented kids facing more pressure than any athlete in "real" sports. One of my favorite events of the year.

Hmm: Should UCLA have given Diddy's son a scholarship? Let's flip that: Should Diddy have taken the scholarship for his son or offered to pay? I say the latter -- Diddy can more than afford it.

Hmm, part 2: Is it wrong that Vandy football coach James Franklin wants to know if his potential assistant coaches are married to attractive women, because that's his proxy for whether they can recruit? It's amusing but focuses on the wrong alpha quality for assistant coaches -- salesmanship matters, of course, but I want relentlessness even more. The real question is: Is the assistant coach so focused on football that he isn't married? Or had to get divorced? Or neglects his family? That's harsh, but the reality. I know that many head coaches look for "family men" because that is some sort of indication of their groundedness, but it's a facade -- if an assistant coach said "Hey, Coach, I need to head home early to tuck my kids in and/or have dinner with my wife," he'd be an ex-assistant coach shortly.

This weekend's Must-See: Stanley Cup Game 2, tomorrow night.

My daughter turns 3 months old today -- happy "birthday," Lucy! If you have kids, you know that in the first year, those quarterly milestones are big ones. Takeaway: 3 kids is a handful, but the transition from 2 to 3 wasn't as hard as the transition from 1 to 2.

This weekend is also my Harvard Business School 10th reunion -- I'm not there, unfortunately, but I might have a bit to say about it later.

Enjoy your weekend -- pop over to Quickish for some great reads on the Thunder and a ton of great reads from yesterday, if you missed them.

-- D.S.

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