Sunday, June 03, 2012

06/03 (Durant) Quickie

I love Kevin Durant for a lot of reasons: I love his game, I love his style, I love his dedication, I love his humility schtick, I particularly love his relentlessness and I love that he grew up very close to me. He is the pride of the "DMV."

Wow, was it fun to watch him go off last night -- that stretch in the 4th quarter where he scored 16 straight points for the Thunder was ridiculous. I put together a really good stream of analysis of Durant that came overnight. Give it a read right here.

Hell of a series in the West. Really look forward to that going seven. Meanwhile, out East, it's a must-win for Boston to keep this interesting. Otherwise, you end up with what you've got in the Stanley Cup playoffs -- namely, two road wins for the Kings... and a presumptive title in the bag.

-- D.S.

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