Tuesday, June 05, 2012

06/05 (Thunder) Quickie

Winning on the road in a proverbially pivotal Game 5? That felt like the Thunder taking The Leap.

If/when they dispatch the Spurs -- perhaps en route to an NBA title (if not this year, then surely soon) -- that will fit the narrative. Then again, three games ago, when the Spurs were up 2-0, we were talking about the Spurs going 16-0 in the crowning achievement of the Dynasty.

Between then and now is what makes the NBA -- all sports -- so amazing.

Celtics-Heat Game 5: Talk about pivotal. Chris Bosh should be back -- we'll see how effective he is. What should be clear is that the Celtics have zero fear of this Heat team -- I'm not so sure about the Heat's own fear... of failure, if nothing else.

Loved this Michael Lewis commencement at Princeton from Sunday: It underscores the most arguably undervalued thing in sports (or anything) -- the role of dumb luck.

Must-see video of the day: The new trailer for the upcoming "Dream Team" documentary. Wow, is this going to be cool.

Sorry for the late post. More tomorrow a.m.

-- D.S.

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