Saturday, June 09, 2012

06/09 (Very) Quickie

Great sports day ahead:

*NBA: Heat over Celtics.
*NHL: Devils over Kings.
*Boxing: Pacquiao over Bradley.
*French Open: Sharapova over Errani (and Nadal over Djokovic tomorrow).
*Euro 2012: Netherlands over Denmark, Germany over Portugal.
*Belmont: I'll Have Another wins the Triple Crown (ugh)
*Meanwhile: How can you not love a 6-pitcher no-hitter? (Only the 2nd in MLB history)

Tons of great stuff on Quickish for you to check out this weekend -- if you want something great to read, try our "Grantland Greatest Hits" list (off its 1-year anniversary on Friday) and don't miss Simmons' essay from yesterday that is my favorite thing he's done this year.

-- D.S.

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