Tuesday, August 21, 2012

08/21 (Very) Quickie

History! Minor-league baseball oddity Billy Hamilton stole his 146th base of the season on Tuesday night, breaking Vince Coleman's old (seemingly unbreakable) record. Hamilton is going to shatter it.

I like sneakers very much, although I gave up collecting them when the kids came along, but there isn't a chance in hell I'd pay $315 for any sneaker, let alone LeBron X's.

Anyone want to trade for MJD? Probably quite a few. Anyone want to pay him what he wants? Probably a lot less.

Seahawks starting rookie QB Russell Wilson for preseason Week 3: I'm a big Wilson fan, and I hope he wins the starting job for the regular season. I suspect Flynn will be the guy... to start.

I'm quite sure Roger Clemens could still pitch at the MLB level. Maybe the Nationals should sign him -- that's just as absurd a notion as benching Stephen Strasburg for the playoffs.

The Joe Paterno book: All I know is that Joe Posnanski, a writer I like very much, had just about the toughest job in the world on this. Once the Sandusky story broke, it was never going to work out.

Slowest sports week of the year by far? Slowest sports week of the year by far.

-- D.S.

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