Saturday, August 18, 2012

8/18 (Very) Quickie

Last day in St. Augustine... then back to DC.

AP CFB Top 25: Wow, two dozen AP-sponsored "experts" really think that USC would beat either LSU or Alabama?

(Look, we all know where this is going: USC will run the table and play the SEC champ -- either LSU or Alabama -- in the national-title game, and get demolished. You're welcome.)

MLB: I can hate the Strasburg shut-down and still be giddy at the idea of the Nationals surging into the playoffs with a rotation that can win the NL pennant.

EPL: As it has been for the past decade or so, I continue to ride with Tottenham.

Paterno: From the early leaks, Posnanski's Paterno book isn't going to help Paterno's image. Things might shift from "benignly evil" to merely "doddering," but it won't help.

NFL: Jeff Demps goes to the Pats, playing for a coach that (a) loves Urban Meyer-coached freaks and (b) knows how to use them. Demps in space? If you didn't watch him at Florida, you have no idea.

NBA: Thunder sign Serge Ibaka to an extension. The big question: Can they afford to match the inevitable "max" offer James Harden will get from another team next summer? If they can, they can count on multiple rings over the next few years; if they can't, I'm not sure Westbrook-Durant-Ibaka is enough. (It could be, which says a lot more about those three guys than it does about Harden.)

Two weeks until college football starts.

-- D.S.

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