Sunday, August 12, 2012

08/12 (Very) Quickie

*The MVP of the 2012 Olympics is... Usain Bolt.
*Although it's hard not to love hometown hero Mo Farah.
*That said, my favorite athlete was McKayla Maroney.
*And yet the biggest U.S. "name" or "face" will be... Michael Phelps.
*USA women's hoops > USA men's hoops?
*Re Chad Johnson: "Hard Knocks" as the week's top NFL news source?
*Honey Badger: Can pick whichever 1-AA school he wants.
*Tiger: The Olympics hangover ends quick if he wins a PGA title.
*That's a ton of money for Panthers RB Jonathan Stewart.
*Derek Lowe in a Yankees jersey? Insult to injury for Sox fans.

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