Tuesday, August 14, 2012

8/14 (Very) Quickie

Happy 25th birthday, Tim Tebow. (Four years ago, I think I did a half-dozen posts on his b-day.)

The Jets are practicing the Wildcat with Tebow in media silence -- or, at the very least, Rex Ryan is screwing with everyone. But the better bet is that he's figuring out the arbitrage with NFL offensive orthodoxy to gain an advantage he'll exploit.

Strasburg Watch: I'm with Joe Sheehan -- even if you buy into an innings limit (and I don't), the Nats appear to have mis-managed that profoundly.

Olympic sprinter (and former Florida RB) Jeff Demps -- one of my favorite Florida players of all time -- is entering the NFL and a free agent. Would love to see him on the Jets.

Chad Johnson Watch: What a joke. (But I'll be watching Hard Knocks tonight, with the rest of you!)

Does it matter who the Big East hires as its new commissioner?

A tale of two knees: Brian Urlacher (that doesn't bode well) and Andrew Bynum (at least Bynum is going for the controversial -- and seemingly effective -- "German treatment.")

-- D.S.

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