Wednesday, August 29, 2012

08/30 (Day Late) Quickie

Day late on Happy Madden Day -- hope you enjoyed it.

Best thing I've read this month -- maybe this entire summer:'s Kevin Van Valkenburg on why people play football.

NFL vs. Refs, Cont'd: If -- no: WHEN -- the replacement NFL refs screw up in Week 1, the NFL is going to lose its position. Unclear why a few bucks is so important to the league, relative to the integrity of the game. (Yahoo's Jason Cole takes the opposite view, and it's certainly one folks might relate to more.)

MJD Watch: The Jags seem prepared to call his bluff. I could see him sitting out the entire season. It's probably better for his health in the long run.

US Open: Ah shoot, I was kind of hoping for a longer run out of Kim Clijsters.

CFB Picks Preview: Went with all ranked (or higher-ranked) teams. Michigan is going to get throttled by Alabama. Michigan State is going to barely escape Boise State.

I'm really enjoying the new site Sports On Earth, and that's not (just) because they're a corporate sibling to Quickish and staffed with tons of folks I know and like. It's off to a really good start -- check it out.

-- D.S.

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