Sunday, August 26, 2012

8/27 (Monday) Quickie

Check out my initial BlogPoll Top 25 ballot below, led by Alabama (picking Oregon to meet them in the national title game and picking West Virginia to surge through the Big 12).

Tebow vs. Panthers: You know, I'm clearly Team Tebow, but even if you don't like Tebow, does Mark Sanchez really look better? I don't think so. I think Tebow will be more productive in the half-dozen plays he'll get in the first few weeks of the season -- and when the Jets are out of playoff contention under Sanchez, Tebow will do just as well (and probably better) than Sanchez as the starter.

Seahawks name rookie Russell Wilson starting QB: A bit shocking given that Seattle acquired Matt Flynn to be their starting QB, but unsurprising if you had been following Wilson this preseason (or watched him in college at either NC State or Wisconsin). Yeah, he's short, but so what? So talented. Absurdly, he could have been had by any team with a QB issue (cough-Jets-cough).

Meanwhile, the Bills are getting Tarvaris Jackson from Seattle to be their backup QB: So there's that.

Colts trade for CB Vontae Davis: Another fun development for "Hard Knocks." The bet in Indy is that his attitude problem in Miami can be corrected with a change of scenery. We'll see.

CFB: Notre Dame suspends starting RB Cierre Wood for the season opener in Dublin next Saturday and Week 2 vs. Purdue -- this only works out for Brian Kelly if ND goes 2-0 without him and the other players suspended. If they lose that opener to Navy -- and they could -- yikes.

U.S. Open: Rooting for Serena and Federer, as usual. More likely to see the former win than the latter -- Djokovic will be motivated and a fan favorite in his own right.

LLWS: Now that was a throttling.

MLB: Curtis Granderson has 200 career home runs? That feels like a lot, doesn't it?

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