Sunday, September 02, 2012

9/2 (CFB Hangover) Quickie

A few thoughts after college football's opening weekend:

*It's already obvious that it is Alabama, then everyone else. USC and Oregon and LSU may roll along, but if/when they play the Tide, the reality check will be definitive.

*Breakout: Remember when Trent Richardson was a freshman and it was evident right away that he was even better than the RB in front of him, Mark Ingram, who only went on to win a Heisman? That's the way I feel about Bama freshman backup RB TJ Yeldon.

*Oregon is a juggernaut, and I can't wait for the Ducks to silence all the folks who seem to think that not only is USC the best team in the Pac-12, but the Trojans are the best team in the country (an absurd idea if you watched Alabama last night).

*Penn State isn't very good. Ohio is much better than anyone was giving them credit for (although many saw the upset coming). Bill O'Brien isn't in a position to have a terse Belichickian style; he needs to work on his charm. The media gives him the benefit of the doubt -- not sure he's earned that -- but he comes across like he's doing us a favor by being at Penn State.

*The best win of the weekend was Clemson beating a tough Auburn team in Atlanta.

*OK, looks like Urban Meyer will be just fine this season. Braxton Miller is a perfect QB for his system.

*Nothing I saw from Oklahoma made me doubt my preseason pick that West Virginia is going to be the best of the Big 12 -- and, don't forget, Oklahoma finishes the season having to travel to Morgantown. West Virginia will only get more effective from here.

*I've watched a lot of Northwestern games, particularly in the post-2000 era where they are constantly in barn-burners, and that was the most Northwestern game ever (with the possible exception that it didn't end with the opposing team going 3/4 of the field in the final minute for a game-winning FG).

*Florida: Last year was not fun. Doesn't feel like this season will be much fun either. I'm not sold on Jeff Driskel and I'm annoyed Jacoby Brissett didn't get more of a chance. The defense is fine, but I'm unclear how the offense will move the ball at Texas A&M next week.

*Tentative top 5: (1) Bama, (2) Oregon, (3) LSU, (4) USC, (5) West Virginia.

*Tentative Heisman ballot: (1) TJ Yeldon, (2) Marcus Mariota, (3) Marqise Lee.

So glad college football is back.

-- D.S.

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