Friday, September 21, 2012

9/21 (Weekend) Quickie

So in my first full MLB season in DC, the Nats make the playoffs. Not bad...

CFB Weekend Watch: It's a mini "Separation Saturday" theme.
*Clemson-FSU: Winner still in national title hunt. Loser out.
*Kansas State-Oklahoma: Ditto.
If only they weren't on TV at the same time.

*Oregon-Arizona: Oregon will roll, but let's see how far Zona has come.
*Michigan-Notre Dame: Someone is getting exposed, and I'll say it's ND.

NFL Week 3 Storylines I like:
Game of the Week: Pats at Ravens (No, wait: Eagles at Cards???)
Must-win at home for the 0-2 Saints against the Chiefs? Yep.
Jets-Dolphins: They're both 1-1 -- is this a season-breaking game for winner/loser?
Watching Greg Schiano: Think he'll care about the Cowboys "mystique?" No way.
RG3 Mania: At home against the Bengals. Cam got roasted last night.

Last night: Giants pound Panthers. Bad week to start Cam Newton in fantasy.

MLB: Melky Cabrera pulls out of NL batting race. The right move, but it would have been fun to see him stay in and "win" the title.

CFB Last night: Boise 7, BYU 6. What the hell?

Enjoy your weekend. Usual college football hangover coming Sunday a.m.

-- D.S.

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