Wednesday, October 24, 2012

10/24 (World Series) Quickie

It is very possible that yesterday was the slowest sports day of the year, although there was a healthy stream of day-after coverage of the Giants winning the NLCS and the Bears as (possibly) the NFL's best team. That means that this morning is truly slow, right up until we get to tonight's World Series Game 1.

For the record, I'll say Giants in 7, because they are on a roll* and because they never seem to make it easy on themselves, so beating Justin Verlander in Game 7 seems to be the most absurd path possible.

* - The bookend to pundits who fit their narratives based on the result of the game, I fit my narratives based on the fuzzy concept of "momentum" heading into games (thus my persistent weakness for picking defending-champion teams to repeat.)

Flying back East from LA to DC this afternoon, but (the promise of) in-air wi-fi means that I can hopefully update Quickish with good stuff throughout the day. In the meantime, check out a selection of things I have already picked out for today, led by -- what else? -- the World Series.

-- D.S.

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