Wednesday, June 19, 2013

6/19 (Wow, That Game) Quickie

I think it's worth asking: Was last night the greatest game in NBA history?

I don't think it's crazy, and -- given the stakes, stars, storylines, moments, flow and finish -- at the very least, I think it merits a place in the conversation.

Some people will hate that. And, yes, it is "instant history" at its finest/worst and me going once more to the "superlative" well.

(More superlatives from last night: The sequence from the moment LeBron lost his headband until the end of the game was the finest stretch of his career... Ray Allen's 3 was the biggest of his career... it was the best game of Chris Bosh's often-maligned career... That was probably the best half of Tim Duncan's career... It was certainly the best game of Kawhi Leonard's career.)

But that doesn't change the fact that it was one of the most epic games in NBA history. LeBron himself called it the greatest game he has ever been a part of.

If the Heat win Game 7, I think it seals Game 6 as the Greatest NBA Game Ever.

And, perhaps even more impressively, if the Heat lose Game 7, their effort in Game 6 ensures that no one -- at least no one reasonable -- would be able to say that the Heat were unworthy, even in defeat.

-- D.S.

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