Sunday, June 23, 2013

6/21 (LeBron + Heat x 2) Quickie

Last year's breakthrough championship for LeBron was his most meaningful, but this second one is more important -- and will likely become a "most important" once LeBron gets to 3+ titles, as early as next year.

It was the toughest opponent he'll ever face -- far tougher than any of the six teams (5 if you count the Jazz only once) that Michael Jordan had to beat.

And he elevated his game to near-perfection -- by far the best he has ever been, and that's not too far off from "best there ever was."

I love that he didn't cheer as the clock hit 0.0 -- he later showed some emotion, but his initial impulse was to display a look that said "Well, of COURSE we won a title again."

Regardless of the handful of unlucky bounces for the Spurs (or lucky ones for the Heat) that ultimately gave the Heat the game, LeBron has put himself on another stratosphere.

Even if it feels like another Heat d'accompli next season, and... that's OK. This Heat-Spurs series was a non-stop thrill ride played at such a high level that it was entirely satisfying.

The only issue is if LeBron, like Jordan, can never again find a Finals foe that is worthy of pushing him to his limits and then, amazingly for him AND the rest of us, beyond.

-- D.S.

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