Tuesday, June 25, 2013

6/25 (Cup) Quickie

This week, I began a summer hiatus from writing my daily USA TODAY Sports column. Still, can't help but file a few notes this morning:

The Blackhawks' Cup-winning flurry in the final minute (plus change, to be exact) was the greatest finish ever to a Stanley Cup finals. Yes, it was a Game 6, not a Game 7. Yes, it happened in regulation, not sudden-death overtime. But coming from a goal down on the road to clinch a Cup? Wow.

More: Steve Darcis qualifies for Upset of the Year... Yasiel Puig, Yasiel Puig, Yasiel Puig... Brian Shaw being hired by the Nuggets isn't nearly as intriguing or important as the Grizzlies promoting wildly underrated lead assistant Dave Joerger... I'm partial to Mississippi State, but the CWS best-of-3 format doesn't leave a lot of room for error -- advantage: UCLA... yes, Puig-mania, but Wil Myers is no slouch... that Bulls-go-fishing could-Wizards-trade-No.-3-pick-for-Luol-Deng rumor yesterday nearly wrecked me... Three days from the NBA Draft, I've still got it Cavs/Noel, Magic/Oladipo, Wizards/Porter (or, at least, I hope that's how it goes)...

-- D.S.

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