Wednesday, June 26, 2013

6/26 (Very) Quickie

In the absence of my traditional "NBA Draft Fashion" column, this year I voted on Nerlens Noel's suit, which he has put up for fan vote at What does it say that I voted for "Look One" and it is running a distant third behind the two other choices?

The Nets are smart to try to pursue KG, and KG should want to play on the Nets... Congrats, UCLA baseball... A-Rod is a fool, but Yankees GM Brian Cashman is a bigger one for engaging him publicly, not the least of which with a "STFU"... Aside from the fact that the Clippers put Eric Bledsoe to pretty good use, this potential trade of him to the Magic for SG Aaron Afflalo is a good one for both teams. (Then the Magic can draft Victor Oladipo and have the most athletic backcourt in the NBA)... Really enjoyed this dispatch from Grantland's Katie Baker from Game 6 of the Stanley Cup in Boston... Is it really that much to ask that my Wiz just take Otto Porter and be done with it?

-- D.S.

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