Monday, July 15, 2013

7/15 (Rested and Ready) Quickie

Back after some vacation, not unlike Peter King, who came back with a week to go until his new spin-off NFL site launches next week -- definitely something I have my eye on.

*Johnny Manziel was already in "Johnny Being Johnny" territory. The difference between his other stuff and this weekend's kerfluffle with the Mannings is that it was the Mannings.

*MLB Home Run Derby: I'm picking Bryce Harper, who will have his dad pitching to him.

*Chris Davis: Still, hitting 37 HR by the All-Star break is huge. I'm bearish that he can reach the magic "62" milestone, but his chase for it is the most compelling non-playoff-positioning storyline of the second half.

*Today's Name to Know: Jordan Spieth, the youngest player to win a PGA Tour event in more than a half-century. The star power might erode over time, but there is no question that the next 10-20 years of golf will feature far better overall play in the top tier than the past 10-20. That, more than anything, is Tiger's legacy to the sport.

*SEC Media Days week: No offense to Ivan Maisel, but Johnny Manziel isn't a bigger college football celebrity than Tim Tebow was in 2009. His presence at SECMD will be huge, no question -- I'm happy to call him the second-biggest celebrity in college football history -- but there is only one Tebowmania.

*Greg Oden to the Mavs? The win-win here is that Dallas will put as many resources against Oden's rehab and overall health as any team out there, even if the Mavs have zero chance of being competitive (meaning: competing for a title) this season.

*Metta World Peace on the Knicks feels so right, there's no way it can be wrong.

*Your (tangential) Sports x Politics read of the day is Ta-Nehisi Coates on Trayvon Martin, a searing read which ends with a reference to Bill Parcells' most famous quote.

-- D.S.

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