Saturday, July 06, 2013

7/6 (Howard the Rocket) Quickie

Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey is not just the NBA executive of the year - you can put that one in the bank - but he is the Exec of the Year in all of sports. 

It's not just about getting Dwight Howard, who immediately helps position Houston as one of only a handful (4?) of teams who have a realistic shot at the NBA title next year (or the near future).

It is the idea - and this is my favortite data point I have seen in the last 24 hiurs - that as of just one year ago, the Rockets had only two current players on their roster. 

Morey tried to land Dwight in a trade. Then, having failed, he pulled off the Harden heist (getting Lin and Asik too) while still maintaining the cap flexibility to make a run at Dwight as a free agent, now with a way more compelling case for landing him.

Now, Morey has not one but two "franchise" players, plus Asik (who could be flipped) plus Lin plus Parsons, who is like a better/younger/cheaper version of Ryan Anderson, who teamed with Dwight on that Magic team that made the Finals on the strength of Howard and 3s. The Rockets already had the shooting; now, they have the center.

In short: Daryl Morey wins. What has YOUR favorite team's GM done lately?

Finally: Congrats to my USA Today Sports colleague Sam Amick on being first with the news. Great scoop.

- DS

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