Thursday, July 04, 2013

July 4 (Brad Stevens Independence) Quickie

Love this move. 

Love it for the Celtics, who get the best coach in the country, college or pro (with a little "Doc Who?" For good measure).

Love it for Stevens, who joins a rebuilding team with low/no expectations and even if things go sideways, he will be the most sought-after college hire. 

(In fact, you could consider this a very well-paid, reputation-burnishing sabbatical until Stevens takes Coach K's spot at Duke. Let's be honest: That's the end-game here.)

Love it for Celtics fans and NBA fans and fans of big-A analytics in major sports and even college hoops fans. 

(For the latter, it's not like Stevens had a ton more to prove. Yes, yes: Winning big at Duke. Again, we will inevitably see that. In the meantime, how about seeing the best young coaching mind tanking on the highest level if the sport - not unlike Chip Kelly going from Oregon to Philly.)

The best part: No one saw it coming. No leaks. No drawn-out drama. All business. 

- DS

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