Friday, September 06, 2013

09/06 (It's a New Day) Quickie

The NFL season hasn't even started yet and it has already gotten its signature performance from Peyton Manning...

Anyway, things have been busy the past few months. For those who email asking "Man, what happened to Quickish?" it's a fair question.

The answer is that I have been working on a new USA TODAY Sports product that you will get a sneak preview of on Sunday afternoon, if you go to

It's not a secret (heck, I advertised for help!) It's a new quick-hit, quick-twitch platform that, at least to start, will focus on the NFL.

It is not Quickish or Quickish 2.0, although it would be nuts not to use the lessons from Quickish in building something new that represents an evolution in a space I have spent a lot of time in: Quick-hit, real-time(-ish) topical news delivery and consumption.

We have some talented folks on board to make it happen day to day, moment to moment -- if nothing else, there's your clear differentiation from Quickish -- and I'm really excited for fans to try it.

It's not the end of -- I'm thinking about ways to pivot the platform and the value proposition to make it relevant (and sustainable, given that it would just be me working on it).

But it is the start of something new and really cool. Please come by on Sunday afternoon to get a preview, then use it constantly after that. Please immediately save it to your mobile home screen. Please tell your friends!

Can't wait for you to check it out.

Meanwhile, can't ignore tomorrow's college football schedule and a few picks:
Georgia over South Carolina.
Florida over Miami.
Michigan over Notre Dame.
Upset alert: Western Kentucky over Tennessee.

-- D.S.

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