Sunday, September 01, 2013

9/1 (CFB Hangover) Quickie

*I'm totally fine with "Johnny being Johnny." It's who he is and good for the sport. You can dislike him for it, but isn't that part of the fun?

*The "making money" hand gesture (by Manziel and Tajh Boyd, among others) should be THE move in college football this year. Not that this is Manziel's intent, but nothing captures the absurdity of college football's unpaid system of amateurism like the subtle signal. By next week, it will draw a penalty, of course.

*Speaking of Boyd, he was on my Top 5 preseason Heisman list, and I'm totally comfortable with that. Huge win for Clemson, which will only make their perennial mystifying loss all the more baffling.

*Your win of the week: Eastern Washington over Oregon State, which was even better than North Dakota State's win over Kansas State. FCS!

*Florida isn't flashy, but I was happy with how solid they looked in a season opener that typically displays some creakiness. Playing without their RB1 or CB1, they stifled a solid Toledo team.

*Did Northwestern have its defensive players lay down in order to slow down Cal's up-tempo offense, which was leading the team to a late-night upset win? Maybe? Possibly? (Probably?) But that move is a strategic advantage to be exploited. Sanctimony over it is for fans who are winless.

*Very solid win by LSU over TCU -- given the opponent, arguably the fourth most-impressive win of the day (behind Clemson beating Georgia, EWU over Oregon State and Washington clocking Boise State). Alabama is up there, too. Don't let the yardage output fool you.

*Five top-ranked teams I don't know enough about yet, despite gaudy outcomes yesterday: Oregon, Ohio State, Michigan, Texas, Notre Dame.

*Looking ahead to next week: South Carolina at Georgia, Notre Dame at Michigan, Florida at Miami (Upset special: Western Kentucky over Tennessee in Knoxville.)

*Great read by my colleague Paul Myerberg, who had all-access to ESPN's College Gameday crew.

*If I had a Top 25 ballot, I'd rank Clemson at No. 1 (resume-ranking FTW), followed by Alabama, LSU, Eastern Washington and Washington.

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