Monday, February 10, 2014

2/10 Michael Sam Quickie

*The Michael Sam story has me awestruck. (via SB Nation's OutSports, here is the fascinating backstory.) Needless to say, I wish him only the best.

A few things: Sam is a hero... the anonymous detractors were appalling... I know it was pushed a bit, but the timing before the combine feels totally appropriate... I agree with the theory that he will get drafted by a team with a strong owner-GM-coach troika and team culture (Seattle, SF, Philly).

*Marcus Smart's shove merited the suspension he got -- a bright line of big-time sports is that you can't push a fan, no matter how vile, and they couldn't NOT suspend him (that it was only three games is telling) -- but the fan's behavior was just as inappropriate, if not more.

(No, it won't have any bearing on Smart's NBA future. If it isn't clear by now, it should be: He should've gone pro a year ago. I appreciate his reasons for coming back, but if he wanted to be a great pro, he was better off getting pro coaching and focus as early in his career as possible; OSU doesn't prioritize his pro career.)

*The Olympics have been a ton of fun to watch with my kids. My 5-year-old plays hockey and is fascinated by the speedskating (as he should be -- it's pretty amazing to watch).

-- D.S.

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