Friday, February 14, 2014

2/14 Valentine's Day Quickie

An annual ritual -- a few things I love in sports right now.

*I love these Washington Wizards. They drive me batty, but at least they're competitive. I cannot remember the last Wizards team I liked this much -- probably the Webber/Howard mid-90s Bullets.

*I love this Florida Gators basketball team. The past few years have been very good teams (I thought last year's team was good enough to win the title). This year's team is better than all of them.

*I love this short film from Grantland about Steve Nash in his career twilight. Nash just turned 40. I'm exiting 40 this weekend. So much of what he says resonates with me.

*I love the state of sports-writing right now -- at the top, better than it has ever been.

*I love that my kids' burgeoning interest in sports lets me (re-)experience what it's like to fall in love with sports as a kid.

-- D.S.

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