Friday, May 23, 2014

5/23 Memorial Day Weekend Quickie

*Landon Donovan left off USMNT World Cup squad: Jurgen Klinsmann knew exactly what he was doing -- leaving off Donovan was deliberate, tactical, remorseless. The message is "'18, not '14."

Bill Barnwell had an immediate reaction that felt right: If the US falls short (and they will), the entire discussion will be "What if Landon was playing?"

*NBA Playoffs: By the time we get to Tuesday, it'll be Heat 3-1 and Spurs 3-0. (Hate the lull with no games last night and tonight -- after the nightly pace, it was a sudden withdrawal.)

*Prince Fielder: Bad contract or the worst contract? (Can't be worse than Ryan Howard, but up there.) Fielder had been durable throughout his career; reminder about the dominant role of chance.

*Phrase to know: "Let the games began" (V. Stiviano, via the LA Times)

*Weekend read: "Bedtime Stories for Catherine," from ESPN's Wright Thompson

*Congrats to my pals at FTW for winning "Best Mobile Site" from Digiday at their awards show last night.

-- D.S.

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