Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tuesday 5/27 LeBron Quickie

*Last night was "peak LeBron" on display. The only thing that can stop the Heat is the Spurs.

*An injury to Yordano Ventura would eclipse the residual feel-goods from Josh Beckett's no-hitter.

*I suppose the fan world divides into two camps: The tiny vocal minority that thinks it's an issue that Johnny Manziel was in Las Vegas, and the massive majority whose universal reaction is "And?"

*Best moment of the weekend, arguably: The announcers for Queens Park Rangers going bananas when the team scored in the 90th minute to put QPR back in the Premiership.

*On the other side: You've got to feel for fans of Atletico Madrid -- that's way (way) worse than the 2003 moment when the Yankees blew the 3-0 ALCS lead to the Red Sox.

*I don't watch enough auto racing -- both the F1 race in Monaco and the Indy 500 were awesome.

-- D.S.

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