Friday, August 22, 2014

8/22 Friday Mo'Ne Mania Quickie

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*Mo'Ne Mania: It's over. But she won't be forgotten -- the most iconic Little League player ever.

*NFL: The Eagles are going to be awesome to watch - easy pick to win NFC East.

*MLB: That's 10 straight wins for the Nats, most of which -- like last night -- have been walk-offs.

(Is it any coincidence that the night after he takes an extra 30 seconds to sign autographs for Gabe and Jonah that Denard Span scores the winning run? I don't think so.)

*Clayton Kershaw remains ridiculous. I wish I could buy MLB on-demand just to watch his starts.

*NBA: So the T'wolves are going to end up with Wiggins, Bennett and Thad Young. Not bad!

*Great weekend read: Tommy Tomlinson on Jared Lorenzen for ESPN.

*Simpsons marathon: Today's lineup includes "Homer At the Bat," the best sports-pop culture mash-up in TV history.

*Hey, Verizon FIOS: I'm a fan, but how about finally getting on board for SEC Network?

*Final weekday before the kids go back to school. Whew.

-- D.S.

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