Wednesday, August 06, 2014

8/6 Wednesday Hammon Quickie

*The Spurs adding Becky Hammon as a coach is the best sports story of the summer.

#HotSportsTip: She will eventually become the first woman head coach in the NBA.

*NFL Preseason: MMQB has a great profile on the next great NFL head coach, Seattle defensive coordinator Dan Quinn.

#HotSportsTip: This time next year, he will be head coach of the Dallas Cowboys.

*Adam Dunn pitched last night, which is amazing.

#HotSportsTip: Follow @70MPHFastball on Twitter, the best way to follow those glorious moments of "position players pitching."

*New MLB commish next week?

#HotSportsTip: Hard not to see it being current MLB COO Rob Manfred.

*I love a good bracket.'s "Best Individual College Football Season Ever" bracket is amazing.

#HotSportsTip: I'm partial to Tebow '07, of course, but I'll accept Cam Newton '10 and Barry Sanders '88. (Tebow didn't make it out of the first round, after a rough match-up with Herschel Walker '80.)

-- D.S.

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