Monday, September 08, 2014

9/8 NFL Week 1 Hangover Quickie

I had been waiting for the Ray Rice developments to play themselves out, and they have -- the Ravens have cut him. His career is -- if not over -- tabled indefinitely (and certainly more than the 2 games that the NFL would have seen him sit, which now seems laughably low).

The entire situation begs larger questions about how the NFL handled it, how the Ravens handled it and how the media handled it. But there is a pretty good chance that the move by the Ravens will curtail all of those discussions, and it'll be back to football tonight.

The best things I have read today on this were Vox's analysis of where the power in this story is (with the people who have the video footage) and Deadspin's fair questions about how the media was largely led along on this back when it broke.

The whole story casts an entirely deserved gloom over what was otherwise a pretty amazing opening Sunday of the NFL season, full of comebacks and weird results and fantasy awesomeness (and cringing) and the glorious return of NFL Red Zone Channel.

-- D.S.

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