Sunday, September 07, 2014

Sunday 9/7 CFB Hangover Quickie

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If the playoff was held today:

(1) Oregon
(2) Georgia
(3) Texas A&M
(4) Florida State


*Best win of the season: Oregon (at home over Michigan State) edges incumbent Texas A&M (on the road at South Carolina), with USC winning at Stanford sliding into 3rd.

*Michigan State: Big Ten champs, zero chance at playoff? MSU fans should have every reason to believe that the team will run the table from here and finish 12-1 with a Big Ten title. But as it relates to the playoff, they are in trouble.

They are going to remain behind unbeaten (or 1-loss Pac-12 champ) Oregon, unbeaten FSU and whoever wins the SEC (if not the 1-loss SEC runner-up), plus whoever inevitably comes out of the Big 12 unbeaten or with one loss. MSU will have a single quality game on its schedule -- a loss at Oregon. (No, wins over Nebraska and Ohio State in East Lansing won't count as "quality.")

*Confirmed: Ohio State without Braxton Miller is exactly what we thought they were.

*Not ready to believe in Notre Dame yet. But the most overrated team in the country is clearly UCLA.

*Texas is... not good. But Baylor's amazing QB situation is astonishing.

*Sort of can't believe what Florida was able to do on offense (I know, I know: Eastern Michigan is terrible. But still. Last year's team would have won 13-0, not 65-0.)

*Sort of can't believe where Northwestern is at right now -- it's a mess, and the coaching staff doesn't seem to have any capacity to fix it.

*Next week's best: Georgia-South Carolina, potentially the play-in game for the SEC East title.

Enjoy the return of NFL Sundays.

-- D.S.

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