Friday, November 10, 2006

NFL Week 10 Preview and Picks

Friday A.M. Quickie here.
My Rutgers freak-out here.

No more bye weeks
means a few more chances per week to build on my atrocious picks record this season. Of most intrigue this week? Chargers/Bengals, Chiefs/Dolphins, Saints/Steelers and -- perhaps determining NFC HFA in the playoffs -- Bears/Giants.

Falcons over Browns
: Cure for what ails 'em
Chargers over Bengals
: Cincy fall-off cont'd
Lions over 49ers
: Worst Game of the Week
Ravens over Titans
: VY, meet Ray-Ray
Colts over Bills
: More unbeaten goodness
Dolphins over Chiefs
: Second-half surge?
Vikings over Packers
: Favre INT march cont'd
Pats over Jets
: Beli hates Mangini?
Eagles over Skins
: Skins used up all mojo in W9
Jags over Texans
: Garrard maintains mo'
Broncos over Raiders
: Brady Quinn Watch
Cowboys over Cards
: No napping from T.O.
Saints over Steelers
: "Steelenfreude?"
Seahawks over Rams
: St. Louis reeling
Bears over Giants
: Plaxi-KO'ed?
Panthers over Bucs
: Carolina lurking...

Last Week: 8-6
'06 Season: 71-57

Comments Question: What are your most intriguing storylines and predictions for Sunday's games?

-- D.S.


Steve said...

Actual email sent to Bill Simmons as he tried to put the sports gal down for a 4-10 week last week:

I can't believe you're ripping off your wife on her picks for last week. She was 5-9 not 4-10.

"Here are my picks for Week 9: KC +3; Ravens -3; Giants -13; Titans +10, Packers +4; Saints -1; Cowboys -3; Falcons -5; Bears -13.5; Vikings -5.5; Browns +12.5; Steelers -2; Pats -2.5; Seahawks -8.

Last week: 7-7
Season: 56-53-5 "

Baltimore 26 Cincinnati 20
Kansas City 31 St. Louis 17
New Orleans 31 Tampa Bay 14
San Diego 32 Cleveland 25
Seattle 16 Oakland 0

This is an outrage!

Kurt said...

Yeah, I enjoy Dan picking against the Giants, they've won 5 in a row as a result.

Kevin said...


"Favre INT march continued"

What INT march? 2 in 4 games? Sounds more like a comment for Rex Grossman lately.

Also, how do the Vikings get 5.5 points if they could only get 3 against the 49ers?

Steve said...

Reasons why I hate the Packers:

1: Brett Favre's treatment by the media. I hate the way he's fawned over. (Also applies to the Patriots)

2: Even though I'm not anywhere close to Wisconsin I'm once again forced to watch the sucky Packers play this week. Why? Because back in the 80's GM opened a plant here in Fort Wayne and transplanted a bunch of people from the Janesville, WI plant. So the local network thinks everyone here wants to see them. This makes me soooooo angry!

3: Their uniforms are butt-ugly.

That's it for today, go Vikings.

Unknown said...


I really can't respond.


Big Ben and the Steelers will win another title within 4 years.
I'm perfectly willing to chalk this year up to all his medical issues.
But the man can throw, and throw well. The whole "management QB" or 'less than 25 attempts' bullshit is just that..bullshit.

He should have missed more games due to injury though, so I do think his stubbornness -- and Cowher's willingness to let him play -- has hurt the team.

Jared said...

ND is exactly right.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone consider that maybe Bettis' presence was more important to the Steelers than we think? That maybe the defense had to stack the line a little more when the Bus was in there? Say, around the goalline? Or maybe he was helping Rothlisberger in other ways?

I don't know, I'm just saying.