Friday, December 08, 2006

Iverson to Be Traded From Sixers To...Where?

I didn't cover the AI trade situation this morning, but I've been watching the Wizards-Sixers game tonight, and there was the most candid interview I've ever seen. The Sixers owner just flat-out acknowledged that (a) AI asked for a trade, (b) he'll accommodate him, and (c) he's played his last game as a Sixer. What a refreshing comparison to his GM and coach, who dissembled all day.

But that's neither here nor there (sort of like those freakish gold Wiz unis). Here's my question for you:

What trade makes the most sense, both to the team that will acquire AI and for the Sixers to attempt to start to rebuild in the post-AI era?

(Meanwhile, I've been advocating that the Sixers trade AI for at least three years, despite the fact that he's one of the most entertaining players in the NBA and one of the few most fans would agree is worth paying to watch. Let's hope he lands in an interesting situation.)

Look forward to reading your trade scenarios in the comments section, and have safe and enjoyable weekends.

-- D.S.


Anonymous said...

Dan you missed the most interesting aspect which was that the Sixers seem willing to add Igouldala and/or Dalembert in any trade with Iverson or Webber.

I think that adds a whole new level to this possible scenario and I'll throw it out there first - a team with a lot of young players, moveable cap, and draft picks they dont really need which would be a good home for Iverson would be the Celtics.

Anonymous said...

I definitely think the Sixers should trade Iverson to the Timberwolves, just for the pure joy of seeing the results of a Billy King - Kevin McHale trade. It could be the only trade in history where both teams end up worse.

Plus, there's the added benefit that Kevin Garnett and Allen Iverson, both famously competitive, might beat Mark Blount to death sometime in February.

Jon said...

I would say he'd be a perfect backcourt mate for Marbury and Francis, but that just makes too much sense.

How about to LA teaming up with Kobe or to Denver with Melo or to Cleveland with Lebron? I have no clue about the contracts and all of the cap issues, so I can't figure out a deal. I'll leave that last part for someone who pays more attention to the NBA.

Sheldiz said...

i was all about AI when he was at georgetown.... but after living in philly for awhile during college, i pretty much got over him. he's entertaining to watch, but annoys the crap out of me. I think he needs to go to a team with a big name, but younger guy... Like Jon, i know nothing about the NBA or any of the logistics or $$ involved in trades... but I think if he gets mixed in w/ some young blood, it could be an entertaining (if volatile) fit.

Anonymous said...

No way AI could co-exist with Shaq AND D Wade. Plus that's an awfully tiny backcourt. And I'm not sure that it would work in Cleveland with LeBron, though I would LOVE to see that happen.

I think that AI would be best playing with a huge point guard (like young Livingston in LA) - then he can play the 2 on offense and still guard the opposing team's 1.

Personally, I'd like to see him rejuvenate KG in Minny - they both deserve better, and I think that might totally work. I'm praying he doesn't end up in Boston, because I hate the Celtics with a passion...

nep1293 said...

I really don't see too many teams capable of making a trade work with the cap. There really aren't too many teams with high priced players on the last year of their contract.

The Sixers will be lucky to get any kind of young player(s) in return for AI. They really need to shed all their bad contracts (if that's even possible, not even Isiah is dumb enough to take Webber) and start completely over like Denver did a few years ago.

Billy King should be gone. Mo Cheeks should be gone. He has now coached the Blazers and Sixers right into the ground in the last few years. I'd try to keep Iguodala and see if he can polish up his offense while being the main man on a shitty team. The Sixers should be aiming for 2009 to be competitive. It's gonna get real ugly

Dan Shanoff said...

I love the idea of him playing with KG, and -- if I was Philly -- I'd take local Philly hero Randy Foye for AI, straight up. (Yes, I know I still have to make the salary numbers work. But my point is that, all finances equal, I'd swap AI for Foye and be happy if I'm the Sixers, even though it's trading one smallish combo guard for another...and the one I'm giving up is the most prolific scorer under 6-6 in the history of the NBA.)

Jon said...

AI for Foye makes perfect sense especially since Minnesota's coach is letting him rot on the bench.

Minnesota would probably have to give up Blount and Hassell cause of their contracts, but Craig Smith and AI would fill those 2 spots. Not sure what other little pieces would have to be involved.

Panmankey said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey Jason....I'm not sure how the Pacers could pull off trading Tinsley and the backup running back for the Rams....but hey...if they can..then I say go for it

Unknown said...

OK, as one of the few real NBA fans left, here's how I see it.

Chicago has no scorers on their team. None. AI is a great scorer.

Ben Gorgon led them in scoring last year, off the bench. They got Ben Wallace who actually comes up if you google "Antonym for scorer".

If they need to rope a third team in to make this trade hapen, so be it. But they need AI. Not a little, A LOT.

Right now they are 10-9. Sure they've won 7 in a row, but thet are still terrible on the road.

They have Gordon and Ty Thomas to give up and maybe even one of their 1st round picks.

Anybody who knows the NBA knows that if there's a scorer on the market, Chicago better go knocking.

Therapeutic Ramblings said...

Jon stole my thunder...the only thing the Knicks need right now is another overpaid guard with an additude....perfect fit!! I happen to like AI, he plays with heart...but it isn't beyond Isaih to do that deal. A bag of balls has a chance to make it to the knicks, only if it makes a max contract and is atleast 2-3 years over the hill.

Therapeutic Ramblings said...
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Anonymous said...

I think whatever happens, it's a foregone conclusion that the KNICKS end up with the ultimate shootfirstlowpercentageshouldabeenapointguardtooshort shooting guard AI. It's the ultimate in choosing ticket sales over franchise future. So it's perfect for NY. They'd practically give us AI if we take Webber, too (which would also be perfect).

Allen, it's your destiny. Embrace it. This entire franchise has been building up to this moment for 5 years! COME TO ME!!!