Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Super Bowl XLI Media Day Mania

It's XLI Media Day! Here's the challenge: What are the questions you want answered (and who do you want answering them) Feel free to answer your own question - or, better yet, let your fellow Commenters channel their own inner Media Day interviewee. This should be good. - D.S.

UPDATE: Just got an email from the guy who is running Bear vs. Colt, a site with all sorts of weird video between a guy in a Bear costume and a guy in a Colt costume (both with MySpace pages, natch), plus the all-important fan poll, currently running an insanely tight 5944 (Bear) to 5842 (Colt), the outcome of which undoubtedly will predict the outcome of the game itself.


Gary said...

Ask Ricky Manning Jr. if there is added pressure playing against his brother Peyton

Gerard L. Callan said...

what are the chances Vinatieri, pulls a Norwood in the final seconds? And IF that happens are PATS fans happy or sad?

Luke Bell said...

There is always the obvious "How long have you been a black head coach?"

I would prefer it if someone asked Manning if his Pro Bowl experience would help him deal with the pressure of the Super Bowl.

marcomarco said...

gotta fix your html Dan-o

RevScottDeMangeMD said...

Mr. Johnson! Mr. Johnson! Do you, in fact, actually own a tank?

Patriots64 said...

The 2 dudes from American Idol are there, the bush monkey guy and his buddy.

solomonrex said...

Peyton, if you lose this game, will you feel more like Dan Marino or Jim Kelly?

CMFost said...

Peyton, If you win the Super Bowl how many more commercials will you do next year?

Natsfan74 said...

Actually, I have a serious question. What do the players think about the media generated talk of moving the game to Saturday night? Given the extra week between the Conference Championship Games and the Superbowl, it would not reduce their normal prep time at all. It would make it a lot easier for travel for fans who are lucky enough to attend the game, and it would make life easier on us who want to go to SB parties but still have to work on Monday. A Saturday Night Superbowl would be a marketing bonanaza!

Unknown said...


Is this the time to fire you and bring in Gruden so that we may add to his legacy?


How has the Bush taunting affected your pshyce? How did you cope?

Tank Johnson,

No questions, your doing fine, please don't hurt me.

Rex Grossman,

Are you aware of the Bear's record and/or who is thier quarterback?


How strong is your magic, and could you turn the Raiders into a Superbowl team if given the chance.

Lovie Smith,

Win or lose, will you convert your future paycheck to pennies or nickels to do back strokes in following this game?

TBender said...

Best question for someone not at the Super Bowl:
Mr. Belicheck, are you excited about coaching the Pro Bowl?

TBender said...

Jeff Saturday:
How cool is it to have a day named after you?

DR said...

To the Colts:

Do you feel added pressure to win with Barbaro's untimely passing? You have a nation of 50+ women whose hopes are riding on your backs. I don't know if they could survive another equestrian tragedy this week.

Gary said...

To Bill Polian/Tony Dungee/Colts management...

Will you be wearing a comemerative arm-band in honor of fellow horse, Barbaro?

Gary said...

That's strange that our two Barbaro comments got posted at the exact same time

Patriots64 said...

Saturday night SuperBowl would get lousy ratings!!

marcomarco said...

To Peyton and Urlacher:

If you were betting men, would you take over or under 49?

BLUE said...

Kyle Orton:
Which party is better, the maxim party or the playboy party?

Brian Griese:
Do you still have that dog that you "tripped" over and hurt yourself?

NA said...


Do you look across and see Rex Grossman and think? Oh man, if I lose this game I'm going to the Citrus Bowl again?

Unknown said...

I love football but have no questions for the players. Most of them are semi-literate and got through school because they were athletes. I want to watch them play - not talk.

I plan on skipping all the coverage and pregame shows and simply turn on the game 6:30 ET on Sunday.

mark said...

My favorite superbowl tradition is turning off the game after the halftime show, because one team or the other is already well out of it.

This year that won't be happening, since I'm actually invested in the outcome (go Colts) but I fully expect that otherwise I'd be invoking that tradition.

Chaddogg said...


Kanye is working on the Super Bowl Shuffle re-mix. He'll be in Miami this weekend, so I imagine it'll drop at some Super Bowl party...

I just have one question for all the media: how will you like your crow on Monday, after the Bears stomp your pre-game annointed champion Colts?

Mega said...

Dear Media,
If the the Bears win, will you pull your heads out of Peyton Manning's ass?

Dear Media,
You picked the Seahawks and Saints to win their playoff games. Will you also pick the Colts to win theirs?

Dear Media,
Whats Tom Brady up to these days?

mark said...

Serious questions for the players:

I'd ask the Indianapolis O-line, all five of them, how it feels to be responsible for turning a very good quarterback into a great one, without getting any of the credit for that.

I'd ask the Bears' defense (not necessarily Urlacher, but the others) if there really is more to creating turnovers than just being opportunistic. (Do they have a decent explanation for what they were able to do against New Orleans?)

Does Urlacher have any conditioning secrets? I mean, besides [CENSORED]? Because sometimes it seems like he's trying to play all eleven positions at once, and succeeding pretty well too.

I'd ask no questions at all of Peyton Manning or Rex Grossman, because we've heard it all already.

Mega said...

Oh yeah, I forgot.

Dear Media (and their braindead sheep):

Do you really think that Rex Grossman is a worse QB than Tony Eason? Also, do you also realize that Grossman was near the top of the pack this year in number of VERY GOOD games (games with a QB rating over 100)? Funny how the media never brings that one up.

mark said...

@dan mega:

Living here in Chicago, I can tell you that the national news media has warped the Grossman story some. He's not the worst quarterback ever to go to the Super Bowl. He's the most *baffling* quarterback to do so. He goes weeks at a time with stunningly good performances, and then he'll give you a total laying-an-egg day. And that happens, frustratingly often, against soft teams. (The Vikings? The Cardinals? The Packers?) And there are no weeks that are in between--feast or famine.
It would be a much less interesting story if he were simply mediocre. But while he's mediocre on *average*, that's with an enormously high standard deviation, which makes the whole thing simply not add up. This--the maddening inconsistency--is what has made people here all angsty (and antsy).

Somehow, however, since the national media dumbs things down into headlines and top-ten lists, you get ridiculous stories about whether Grossman is as bad as Eason or Kerry Collins. NO! Not even close.

Two years from now, these stories will be forgotten; when Grossman irons out whatever's in his head and starts being consistent, he'll clearly be consistently good, if not consistently great.

mark said...

This--the maddening inconsistency--is what has made people here all angsty (and antsy).

That, and the fact that this is Chicago. Championships, in any sport here, are elusive, and good teams are almost expected to choke. Michael Jordan is, in hindsight, merely the exception that proves the rule here. Call it the Steve Bartman effect. It's often forgotten that the Steve Bartman game was a Game Six, with a Game Seven on the way--the reason that's forgotten is that at that moment all of Chicago KNEW they would be losing again. Starting in August 2005, well before the White Sox began their late-season slide in earnest, the Sun-Times (and I think also the Tribune) was daily printing a box with not only the White Sox' magic number but the Indians' as well (the "tragic number,") as if to say that they really believed that the fate was a choke job, not a championship.

So when a badly flawed team goes 13-3, the Chicago reflex is to start looking for the other shoe as it not merely drops but comes crashing down on us. As flies to wanton boys are we to the gods; they kill us for their sport.

mark said...

The cities that are allowed to be bitter are Philadelphia and Cleveland, true. But just because Chicago has in fact had a few successful years recently doesn't mean that people here aren't still weirdly fatalistic about their sports teams. The point wasn't that everyone else is supposed to feel sorry for us, but that *we*, here, look at good fortune on the field as something to simultaneously enjoy while it lasts and still be suspicious of. It totally explains all the ink that's been spilled about Grossman.

And anyway, '85 is starting to be a pretty long time ago . . . and that brings up another point. Whether Chicago wins or loses Sunday, can the '85 Bears please go away? Just, you know, get off the radio, out of the newspaper, and recede into blissful retirement? Please?

Unknown said...

I would ask Tony Dungy if his unbridled hatred of gays affects how he coaches Peyton Manning?

mark said...

And as for the Colts O-line and the national media, look at this, and scroll down to the second picture there, which has decorated several other articles as well. Read the caption. Look again at Peyton Manning and Tarik Glenn. Read the caption again. Who, exactly, is beating the Patriots in that picture?

Unknown said...

Have you considered that due to Rex being a Gator QB you are obligated by law to throw 4 INTs and blow this game completely?

Do you plan to do what got you here or switch it up and show us something besides the Manning Face on Sunday?

Do you like 6"5 230 pound quarterbacks with laser rocket arms?

Do you plan to continue your family obsession with lack of Lombardi trophies?

What do you say to accusations by your brother that you are hogging all the big game situations, and never giving him the chance to choke?

Could we have the name, age, hobbies, weight, and species of that monkey on your back?

Rumor has it that you claimed the termonolgy of having a monkey on one's back comes from when you were attacked at a zoo as a child and not from a Sinbad story? Is this true?

Does it bother you that you would have to pull off another 4 game playoff run and win back to back Super Bowls just to match your career post-season and regular season winning percentages?

We all know that you did not attend Ole Miss so as to not attempt to fill your father's shoes. Do you consider repeatedly failing to win the Super Bowl an attempt to fill your father's shoes?

You appear to be slightly upset and we all know that you lost all of your Bowl games in college. Word on the street is that you are scared of anything having to do with bowls. Obviously this will effect your performance, but my question is; how does it effect your everyday life? Are you in fact terrified of cereal due to its inherent relationship with bowls and is it true that you have never been bowling eventhough it involves no actual bowl?

Aitch said...

generik, I don't think your question would be valid. Before the PAts-Colts game, neraly everyone in the national media was picking the Colts to win, and they ended up being right. But you cannot say in response to DanMega's question that the media picked the Pats, because that's flat out wrong bro.

Here's to a good game Sunday. Frankly, I couldn't care less who actually wins, I just hope for good, entertaining game.

solomonrex said...

BUFFALO? Hello? Lost in all this tortured city stuff? We can't even win a bitter loser contest? 4 STRAIGHT Super Bowls and an agonizingly close Stanley Cup? When it was so painful at the end, cheering for a team we knew HAD to lose? Yes, it's terrible to be Cleveland, but at least there's OHIO STATE.

Joe said...

ah, but if the day after the Superbowl was a national holiday...

..well, one can dream.