Monday, March 26, 2007

Manning Disses Brady on SNL

Here's an amazing first-hand account of Peyton's appearance on "SNL" from reader Josh from Suffern, NY:

I attended last night's SNL dress rehearsal, where Lorne Michaels decides what sketches and jokes to keep, and which to dump.

Anyway, during Peyton's monologue, Amy Poeler was dressed in a Patriots jersey and heckled Peyton, saying "What does Tom Brady and the Circus have in common? They both have two more rings than you."

Peyton stared right back and said, "That's not the ONLY thing he'll have two more of....."

CLASSIC! I'm not sure if the rest of the audience got the reference, but unfortunately they dumped it from the live broadcast.

They sure did, which was too bad. Thanks, Josh. That was fantastic scoop. (To clarify for those who are wondering: "Two more" refers to out-of-wedlock babies. Yes, I'm sure Peyton knows that Gisele isn't pregnant -- that we know of -- but it was a quality swipe nonetheless.)

-- D.S.


Unknown said...

They still used the Tom Brady/Circus joke... here is the clip...

That joke should've been cut because
A. It isn't very funny
B. Giselle isn't pregnant so it makes no sense
C. Peyton is not in anyway the trashtalking type and I'm not sure he could sell it

kway34 said...

It works better the way they did it. Peyton's better at the self-deprecating humor and that's the way it came across with the circus joke.

Andy said...

Nah, I'd have left it they way it was with the baby joke. I'm getting really sick of everyone knocking Peyton and worshiping the ground that Brady stands on. Give it up. Manning is better. He's a better QB. He's better with fans (he actually does commercials and was better on SNL than Brady). He actually holds good records and will shatter the QB career records. Quit defending Brady. He's not that good. All he does is dump it off. He has no deep throw. Plus, the fact that he leaves his pregnant girlfriend makes me lose all respect for him.

Espie Jones said...

AND, according to Bridget, HE CHEATED (watch the ENTIRE segment with her on Martha). Bridget, hold your head high girl. You're still beautiful. Push that baby out and land back on your feet.

Let Tom and his enabler girlfriend (who seems to have no problem dating a man who has left his pregnant girlfriend) screw until the cows come home. This chick can barely speak english! It'll be over next year!

Remember...a woman scorned!

ToddTheJackass said...

In all fairness, Brady hasn't ever had Marvin Harrison, or arguably anyone even as talented as Reggie Wayne, nor a running back as good as Edgerrin James. Also, doing commercials doesn't really qualify as "being better with the fans".

I'll agree that Brady is slurped too much, and too often at Peyton's expense, but he's still a great QB.

Also, not sure Brady "left" Bridget Moynahan per se, I think from what I hear the breakup was mutual and on good terms, and it's not clear that he knew she was pregnant when they broke up (he took awhile to comment when she went public with it).

Peyton is a great QB, Brady is a great QB. But they both have a little ways to go before fulfilling the Marino/Montana comparisons. Not saying they can't, just that they're not there just yet.

Espie Jones said...

Here's the link to the article with an embedded video clip. Cut and paste if you can. Otherwise, you'll have to copy the link exactly as you see it.

Girls, this just ANOTHER example of some men who have no loyalty. You're only good until the next model or starlet hits the scene.


Tom, how could you leave a pregnant woman in the first trimester of a pregnancy? She could have lost the baby! I hope your penis falls off.

Patriots64 said...

I am going to enjoy Tom getting his fourth ring this year even more now!!

Josh said...

When did the comment pool for this blog turn into The View?

Patriots64 said...

Discussion of his personal life shouldn't be on this blog, I am sure everone who commented about it has an absolute perfect family and has never done anything wrong in their life.

Espie Jones said...

Wait a minute. First of all, I commented through a link that someone else sent me. I did not know this was a sports blog and that some bear belly guys were talking games and stats.

People have a right to comment on things that are happening in the news, that is why you're here isn't it? If you think people's lives don't belong in whatever it is we're blogging about, you need to turn off your computer and get a life of your own.

I'm in the wrong place. My apologies to the people of this blog for interrupting. I really didn't know this was a sports blogged. I will take it off bookmark.

Unknown said...

well, sometimes, with the way Dan types, we don't remember its a sports blog either.

ToddTheJackass said...

What in the hell is going on?

Unknown said...

Did anybody hear the thing about Anna Nicole?

Apparently she overdosed and it is unclear if it was an accident or if it was someone trying to kill her.

This story is interesting for a number of reasons. The first is...

Ok who am I kidding?

Did anyone see Dice-K pitch today?

Brian said...

What the hell is a bear belly?

Espie, don't you have a cake to bake? Run along to the kitchen dear, men are talking here.

futurelegendvinceyoung said...

Espie isn't there an E! website or something that you can talk to all of the single girls about how guys like Tom Brady jerked you around?

I loved the Peyton Manning United Way commercial. "Go sit in the Port-o-let for twenty minutes." That was good stuff.

Andy said...

How can you not realize that this is a sports blog?? I'm sorry, but with the exception of a few posts(Oscars being one) they all are centered around sports and might mention somehting outside of sports but more than likely involves a sports figure. espie needs to do a little research before she does a posting. She had htis bookmarked yet didn't know it was a sports blog? What the crap?!?!

Sam said...


I missed the part where you get to decide what's funny. Personally, I cracked up. As far as it going against Peyton's type, you do realize that one of the central constructs in comedy is someone acting in a way that is contradictory to their character? Watch the United Way parody as an example if that helps.

kway34 said...

Holy shit, what happened in here?

1) Peyton's better than Tom on the field and I think he's more likeable off the field.

2) The united way commercial was hilarious, as was the dancing bball coach and the touny pool sketch (What do you mean pull a Peyton Manning??).

hodges_7 said...

Why the hell does there always have to be someone better?? I'm so sick of the arguments like who's better between Manning and Brady. Seriously, they are both spectacular QB's. Can't everyone just appreciate both of them, is that too difficult.

Anonymous said...

i cannot beleive nobody has made this joke yet.

Where was peyton manning and his porta potty when dom-dom needed him/it?

Greg said...

i think the part of the joke you all should focus on is the "2 more rings than peyton" thing