Monday, March 26, 2007

New Wall Street Journal Online Piece:
'Fessing Up to My Sorry Final Four

Here's the link. (And it's FREE!)

For today's Quickie, click here (or scroll down), leading with the Top 4 Final Four Storylines.


kway34 said...

The young man who played the UNC mascot died today. Thoughts and prayers to his friends and family.

Luke Bell said...

I don't see this "doomsday scenario." So what if all four #1 seeds make the Final Four? It obliterates the tournament's legacy of unpredictability? What? If anything, all four #1 seeds making it would be the most unpredictable thing to happen, because it has never happened before.

Doomsday is way off base. So if it happens, nobody would care about the tournament ever again huh? Whatever.

Anonymous said...

as the foremost expert on doomsday here i beleive that 4 1 seeds would not be doomsday it would be a great f4 (not fantastic 4 there upance will come).