Sunday, March 04, 2007

Sunday 03/04 A.M. Quickie:
One Week 'Til Selection Sunday

UPDATE: So much for my inspired pick to have Southern Illinois as my fourth No. 1 seed. Nothing has a shorter shelf life than seed placement during Championship Week and the final games of the regular season. So Ill will still be a tough out in the NCAA Tournament (as will Creighton). Meanwhile: Could Florida have re-found its mojo in Gainesville during the second half of today's win over Kentucky (which, for all its many flaws, was still No. 10 in the RPI). More tomorrow a.m.

I had a huge lead-in topic
, but I'm saving it for tomorrow or Tuesday. So we're left with a super-quick look at the day's top storylines (see yesterday's post for more CBB):

Duke women shocked in ACC quarters!

Ohio St vaults UCLA as my top men's 1-seed!
(Uh, is injured Kevin Durant going to be OK?)

Mo Valley Mayhem: So Ill survives; Mizzou St out!
(SIU vs. Creighton final is must-track, but both are locks.)

Madness: E. Kentucky ruins A. Peay's OVC bid!
(Also In: Winthrop! Belmont! Davidson!)

More: Mason upsets Hofstra in CAA: Here we go!

Jeff Garcia new Bucs QB; what about Plummer?!

Watch this Wes Welker-Pats free-agency deal!

Jon Papelbon: Going to be a great starter!

Gary Matthews Jr: Lawyer says no rules broken!

-- D.S.


Mega said...

With UVA blowing it yesterday I think the Va Tech game will be a necessary one to watch too.

Unknown said...

weird few days for a brand new UVA fan (my girlfriend just got into the grad school there, and our college now is D-3)... one of the biggest wins in recent history, followed by one of the biggest losses in recent history

Perks said...

The Shanoff Jinx continued with the Salukis after your "the big lead" dubbing of a #1 seed.

TJ said...

Actually, UF found its mojo in the first half, too. Even though it was tied, no one in the arena was that nervous, because the team proved they haven't actually forgotten how to play basketball (which the past few games indicated they might have).

But a better test to see if they're really back will be the SEC Tourney this week. If they keep it up and make at least a run to the finals, then maybe we can move 'em back up to the one-line. But for today, just knowing they remember how to play is more than enough.

BLV said...

Dana Altman doesn't lose Arch Madness championship games!!!

Unknown said...

UVA stinks, they are coached by the idiot who coached DePaul in thje worst basketball game I ever witnessed live, a tournament game vs. Dayton. There is no offensive structure to that team, he lets Singletary, who is awesome, do waht ever he wants, while the others stand around. Its like he takes athletes and rolls the ball out and thems them do whatever, any decently coached team will send them home early. Awful coach.

Jon said...

Great foul on Hansbrough. 14 seconds left and up by 12 he doesn't need to be going up with that rebound. Just kill the clock and end the game.

Unknown said...

Dan mind giving some love to Xavier this week. My Minutemen could use all the help you can supply.

Perks said...

Couldn't agree more. What block was Henderson going after? The ball was out of Tyler's hands longgg before he swung his arm at Tyler's face. Don't know why Packer missed that piece of the replay.

Anonymous said...

Well, all the original talk of Florida's demise was ridiculous anyways. People talked about their loss of a 1-seed as meaning that they'd be out of the tournament in the first weekend.
Last I heard, a 2-seed isn't bad either.

Something to note though...while Ohio State is being criticized for not blowign teams out...they are at least winning the close games while the other contenders come up short.