Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Varsity Letters Reading Event TONIGHT!

TONIGHT: If you live in NYC, don't forget to check out tonight's Varsity Letters Reading Series event. It starts at 8 at Happy Ending (corner of Broome and Forsythe), and the lineup is packed with some of your favorite bloggers (links go to exclusive VL interviews):

Will Leitch of Deadspin, Matt Ufford of With Leather, The guys from The Dugout, Henry Abbott of True Hoop, Jason Fry and Greg Prince from Fear and Faith in Flushing, and this one shamelessly self-promoting hack. Get there on time; I'm leading off.


Big D said...

Can't make it this time. Actually have to appear lucid and coherant in the office tomorrow, meaning the 3AM Amtrak from Penn Station back up here is out of the question.

Unknown said...

Just diagnosed with bronchitis this afternoon. What a shame I had to sit home and watch Syracuse beat UConn. Now I am confident that Cuse is in the NCAAs. Just working on seeding now.

CMFost said...

Hey Dan, When are you going to do one of these on the weekend? If you do I am there.