Saturday, April 28, 2007

Saturday 04/28 (Very) Quickie

Very quick look, gearing up for the draft:

If the Raiders take a QB, the Lions will reportedly take ANOTHER receiver, Calvin Johnson (ill-fated, but justified). But if the Raiders trade Randy Moss, how could they pass on a once-a-decade talent like Johnson?

Know the name: Kirk Radomski. Here's a fascinating look at MLB "clubbies" and their possible ties as steroid runners. (Here's Boswell's take.)

OK, the Heat are finished. There will be no "Re-Heat" after losing Game 3 in Miami to drop 0-3 to the Bulls. Picking Miami to repeat as NBA champs will be my worst pick of 2007.

Warriors obliterate Mavs by 19 in Oakland to take a 2-1 series lead. My erroneous Heat pick would be balanced out if the Warriors take the series from Dallas, which I also picked.

So much for Jason Kidd's "knee troubles." He had 19 assists leading the Nets over the Raptors in NJ.

The/"my" Nats beat the Mets? Wow. (D.C. even scored in the first inning for the first time all season.)

Add "pleurisy" (WTF?) to Ken Griffey's list of injuries and ailments.

Rick Majerus will bring his brand of Rosie-style coaching to St. Louis. Hotel owners, submit your pitches now.


Anonymous said...

i had the warriors too, everyone laughed at me. I am going to make a shit load of money if they win though ( we made a teams win bet, so he pays me 65 if the warriors win and i pay 42 if they lose, however if it goes to 7 and the mavs win i pay nothing)

jhawkjjm said...

Classy of Vick blaming his family for the whole dog fighting stuff. As I mentioned in yesterday's comments, Goodell has to do something here. The three (pacman, henry, tank) aren't marquee players. If he doesn't even bring Vick in for a meeting an obvious double standard (the "superstar" treatmen) will be created.

Whittle said...

I also didn't know what "pleurisy" was so I looked it up.

"inflammation of the pleura, with or without a liquid effusion in the pleural cavity, characterized by a dry cough and pain in the affected side."

So I looked up "pleura" because I didn't know what that was, either.

"a delicate serous membrane investing each lung in mammals and folded back as a lining of the corresponding side of the thorax."

Only Griffey Jr. could injure something in his thorax.

Jon said...

Hunter Pence finally up for the Stros....about time. Now maybe Oswalt will get some run support.

It will be interesting to see if Joe Torre has a job tomorrow if the Yankees lose this afternoon. I'm leaning towards no....though he might get one more chance on Sunday.

Pleurisy? Is that the medical term for vagitis?

Unknown said...

I don't blame Vick for blaming his family for the dog thing since the house was one he owned but didn't live in - his cousin was the one who lived there so who was he supposed to blame for the whole thing?

DS how could you not mention the Yankee pitching staff getting shelled against lastnight including one of the worst Mariano Rivera innings I've ever seen in the 9th? If I'm a Yankee fan I'm legitimately worried about that pitching staff right now

Unknown said...

Didn't I say there would be no re-Heat months ago?

Thank you for finally recognizing it Shanoff.

pootietang said...

i developed pleurisy after having a severe bout of tonsilitis that put me in the hospital a few years ago(i am 38). it took me about 3 months to get over it. it's painful and it sucks. no joke.

love the vikings getting adrian peterson.

Jen said...

Grady Sizemore's inside-th-park HR Friday night makes him a definite Stud.

Rivera's 4 run downspin kings him as the Dud.