Monday, July 09, 2007

Monday 07/09 A.M. Quickie:
MLB Awards, HR Derby, NBA Summer, SI Scandal, More!

MLB All-Star Break: Here we go: Midseason Awards! It's the unofficial official unofficial midpoint of the season, so here's your chance to weigh in with your award winners. Here are your categories (along with my picks):

AL MVP: Magglio Ordonez
Why: Because I'm an OPS snob.
AL Cy: Johan Santana
Why: Because he's STILL the AL's best.
AL Rookie: Delmon Young
Why: Because who could pick Elijah Dukes?
AL Manager: Mike Hargrove
Why: Because it's so damn ironic.

NL MVP: Prince Fielder
Why: Because he's the new Ryan Howard.
NL Cy: Jake Peavy
Why: Because he was so due for this.
NL Rookie: Ryan Braun
Why: Because he's Jewish only 160 AB into it.
NL Manager: Ned Yost
Why: Because the Brewers are in 1st.

Use the comments section to weigh in with your selections. Extra credit for inspired unconventional picks (but don't forget to back 'em up).

Finally, a special category worthy of our daily routine: Biggest AL Dud and Biggest NL Dud. (We'll presume that "MVP" is a proxy for "Stud.") I leave that one up to you -- fans' choice.

MLB All-Star Home Run Derby: The group is one of the more compelling in years: Defending champ Ryan Howard, Albert Pujols (which is totally exciting), Prince Fielder, Alex Rios, and a trio of AL MVPs: Vlad Guerrero (2004), Justin Morneau (2006), Magglio Ordonez (2007?!). My pick: Prince Fielder, the new Ryan Howard.

MLB All-Star Blogger Award: To USS Mariner, long the gold standard among MLB team blogs. The Mariners' pitching coach actually used one of their blog posts to change strategy for Felix Hernandez... and it worked. This is up there with TrueHoop's acquisition by ESPN as one of the guaranteed Top 3 sports-blog moments of 2007... if not ever. (h/t: reader Scott H.)

The hottest team in baseball: The Tigers, who have won 5 straight (including a weekend sweep of the Red Sox) and 14 of 19, to move into first place in the brutally tough AL Central. The defending AL champs were no one-season wonder.

Mark Buehrle is staying with the White Sox: 4 years, $56 million. Quite the opposite of "imminent trade," isn't it?

NBA Summer: What you missed this weekend... In two games, Greg Oden has picked up the same number of fouls (19) as points... Kevin Durant is off to only a slightly better start (5-of-17 FG shooting against Summer League D)... Yi Watch: In last night's win for Team China, he got 20 points the hard way – 3/11 FG, 14/17 FT... Marco Belinelli is the early break-out star of the summer, with his 37-point debut... Javaris Crittenton is legit, too (18 points on 8/13 FG shooting last night)... Al Thornton joins the headliner list of rookie sensations, scoring 24 in his Summer League debut for the Clippers.

Tiger's Golf Tournament: KJ Choi wins it. But it was more significant for what it meant to Tiger in his ability to create his own PGA-type event. Or will that be... events?

Wimbledon: Federer wins 5th straight Wimby title. The problem is: This was such a done-deal from the get-go that you didn't need to watch the entire tournament, let alone the final. He's simply the best ever. (Chris gets "First Comment!" privileges and weighs in with a good point. I didn't mean to suggest the final itself was a "done deal" -- just that Federer winning yet another Wimbledon title was.)

Tour de France: Sprint specialist Robbie McEwen finished first in the first stage. McEwen is one of those rider names you always heard about during the Lance Era as "If only Lance wasn't competing." Which means the positive drug test should be happening any minute now.

TV: "The Bronx is Burning," Part 1 tonight on ESPN after the HR Derby. Haven't seen the show, but I'm a fan of both John Turturro (playing Billy Martin) and Daniel Sunjata (playing Reggie Jackson). Here's what I know: Jonathan Mahler's book that the miniseries is based on is phenomenal and a terrific summer read. (Disclosure: Mahler graciously participated in my reading series last summer.)

Navel-Gazing: If you are as fascinated as I am by the relationship between mainstream sports media and sports blogs, Matt Ufford's Fanhouse post explaining said sports blogs to said mainstream media is a must-read. (TrueHoop picked up the SI gaffe, too.)

-- D.S.


Chris Savory said...

If you didn't bother to watch the Wimbledon final, you missed an absolute classic, and a match that was certainly not a 'done deal'. Nadal pushed Federer all the way, and even the final set, which looks comfortable on paper at 6-2, was a tense one, with Federer fighting off multiple break points in two of his four service games.

If you were introducing a visitor from Mars to tennis, or to sport in general, you'd show them yesterday's match to give them a true impression of the power, athleticism, subtlety and passion that it can inspire.

Rob I said...

Jeremy Guthrie is a rookie, right? His win/loss percentage might not be shiny but he's got fantastic numbers.

Also, Hunter Pence: best hitting centerfielder in the NL.

Geoff said...

I wonder how much Nadal's knee was bothering him. I thought he was going to pull that match out and I was really hoping he would. Tennis is so much more exciting when there are a couple of guys at top who can win all the majors.

Nice to see the Tigers rolling heading into the break. 3 game sweep of the Sox was pretty huge.

Matt T said...

Federer winning Wimbeldon was no done deal from the beginning. Like the others have pointed out. THe gap seems to have narrowed between he and Nadal, which will make all the tourneys more compelling.

I don't think you can proclaim anyone in the summer league 'legit' yet. Its the summer league!

NL Dud: Andruw Jones - especially with everyone having high expectations for him.

CMFost said...

AL MVP: Magglio Ordonez
AL Cy: 5 way Tie - Haren, Verlander, Beckett, Sabathia and Sanatan
AL Rookie: Hideki Okajima
AL Manager: Terry Francona

NL MVP: Prince Fielder
NL Cy: Jake Peavy
NL Rookie: Hunter Pence
NL Manager: Bud Black

Biggest AL Dud: Julio Lugo and The New York Yankees
Biggest NL Dud: Andrew Jones

Trent said...

NL Rookie: Josh Hamilton

kway34 said...

Nadal had 15-40 to break in two of Fed's service games in the 5th set. We were one point away from Nadal being up 3-1 and serving for 4-1...I still don't see how that is a done deal.

Anonymous said...

the finals of wimbeldon was the best tennis match i have ever seen. I think if nadal doesn't hurt his knee he might of won.

also uffords piece was really good, thanks for the link.

kway34 said...

I mixed up the serving order in case anyone cares, we were one point away from Nadal being up serving for 3-1.

Mega said...

I'll have to disagree that the Yankees were the biggest AL Dud. With the aging of their roster and their questions about their pitching woes going on into the season, this could have been easily predicted.

I think the White Sox can be the biggest dud so far. Sporadic offense, poor defense, injuries, and a disappearing bullpen has them at 13 games behind in the central currently. This is a team still loaded with talent that is seriously underperforming. At least they resigned Buerhle much to the media's disappointment. He would be in the thick of the AL Cy Young race if his team could give him some damn run support.

MLB Stud team- Detroit. No questions here. Boston a close second.

MVP (AL)- Mags. MVP (NL)- I agree with Jason Stark- Matt Holliday!

Brian in Oxford said...

What was the deal with Federer dressing like Mr. Roarke from Fantasy Island, though? I understand Wimbledon whites, but eeee-yikes! (At least Nadal didn't yell "de plane!"....he looks like Alex Van Halen as it is.)

How about Tiger in the ensuing Nike ad, I've got 12 majors, so back to work, you and your 11, Roger.

jeff said...

While I admire your determination to cover the TDF; your comments so far are of an ill-informed and negative nature. I realize this is typical of a non-cycling fan so I politely request that you either put more effort into researching both the sport and the race, or refrain from commenting and pushing the dialogue further into the reactionary negative.

mattie said...

Allow me to join in the piling on with regard to the Wimbledon comment. That was easily one of the most thrilling matches I've ever seen (probably THE most), and I can't believe all you have to say about it generally is that Federer's dominance is somehow boring/routine. Did even you watch any of it? That was an absolute battle, and if you think it would somehow have been more compelling or worth watching without Federer winning or going for five in a row, you're nuts!

I'm looking forward to the Derby, here's hoping the job doesn't keep me too late tonight. You're right, it's a great line-up...but you're wrong to be putting so much (read: any) stock in two SUMMER LEAGUE games!

Anonymous said...

While it's defeinitely a great time to talk baseball with the half way point and all, I really hope that the whole SI/Fanhouse/theft incident doesn't just get blown over. The 'sphere should definitely take this lull in sports to keep pushing the subject as it's obviously not going to be brought up by the MSM. Great post by Ufford...

Clinton (Indianapolis) said...

NL CY Young - I think someone getting lost in the argument is Aaron Harang. If not for Cincy's woeful bullpen yesterday (David Weathers, I'm looking right at you), Harang would've been 10-2 at the break. He's third in IP, and strikeouts. While his ERA of 3.67 is not as gaudy as Peavy's, some consideration ought to be made for the fact that his home park is a bandbox, basically Coors Field East.

chipp said...

AL Team Stud: Mariners! Finished 6 games under last year and are 13 over at the break - 19 game swing.

MIL would be my NL choice: 12 under in 06 to 10 over - net 22 game improvement.

Not so impressive:
BOS was 10 over in 06 and are 19 up now - 9 game swing.

DET was 28 over in 06 and are 18 up now - 10 game negative swing.

Brian said...

NL Rookie has to be hinter Pence. First he's currently leading the NL in batting average. Now is batting average a stupid stat? Yes. Is his average slightly inflated by playing at Minute Maid Park? Yes. Is this still impressive? Of course. He also has a .956 OPS and a 146 (park adjusted) OPS+ (8th in NL). Not only that but he has been phenomenal defensively in Minute Maid Park's weird center field and has been quick to adapt to the strange hill thing on their.

He is pretty much the only reason to watch an Astros game.

ToddTheJackass said...

AL MVP: Magglio Ordonez
AL CY: Dan Haren
AL ROY: Daisuke Matsuzaka
Manager: Mike Scioscia

NL MVP: Russ Martin
NL CY: Jake Peavy
NL ROY: Hunter Pence
Manager: Bud Black

AL Dud Team: White Sox
AL Dud (Hitter): Bobby Abreu
AL Dud (Pitcher): Ervin Santana

NL Dud Team: Cardinals
NL Dud (Hitter): Andruw Jones
NL Dud (Pitcher): Barry Zito

(So some of these are based on expectations, hence Abreu, Ervin, and Zito not actually being the worst in their leagues, but clearly very disappointing).

ToddTheJackass said...

The Federer/Nadal Wimbledon final was the best tennis match I've seen in a long time. I just hope it wasn't decided by Nadal's knee being hurt. It didn't look like it bothered him on most groundstrokes, but his serve definitely dropped off in the 5th set.

Still Dan, your comment was extremely wrong on this one. I try not to call you out on too much, but you were way off on this. It may have seemed like Federer would cruise, but he definitely did not have an easy time in the Finals. There were definite moments where I felt sure that Roger would lose the match to Nadal, especially after Federer got extremely flustered with the Hawkeye. Sportscenter did not do this match any sort of justice whatsoever if you think this wasn't drama filled or a foregone conclusion.

jhawkjjm said...

Dan your edit of the Wimbledon final is just as dumb as the original. If the final wasn't a "done deal" then how could the championship be a "done deal"?

Anonymous said...

Midseason Awards
AL MVP: Magglio Ordonez
AL CY YOUNG: Dan Haren
AL ROOKIE: Jeremy Guthrie
NL MVP: Prince Fielder
NL CY YOUNG: Jake Peavy
NL ROOKIE: Ryan Braun/Hunter Pence

Wimbledon final was great. I can't believe Nadal blew the last set though. I was looking forward to the no tie break in the 5th set rule.

Did anyone notice that they have only named 7 guys to the Derby? The NL might do well with Pujols but I'm not sure about Howard and Fielder this year. I don't think Fielder fits and Howard hasn't been the same. The AL easily has the edge because Vlad is crazy and Morneau/Maggs are a huge question mark in a good way. Rios is a question mark in a question mark kind of way though...

I know that Yi hit a game winner last night but haven't seen it yet.

Perks said...

I agree with the others who watched the Wimbledon match.

Although, there is no way it was the best I've ever seen. Granted, there were a ton of awesome break opportunities, net shots, and diving plays, but there have been other thrilling matches before.

It also filled the Sunday wake-up void without a Golf major, Fall baseball, or Football in the line-up. Federer said it best when he mentioned that he's happy to be winning right now, and will take it, because it likely won't last for long.

Seriously, Nadal is getting a lot better. Tough to compare him to Lefty, because of the different sports, but for viewing purposes, it's close.

Michael said...

@ all tennis fans

Does Nadal not play well on hard courts? It seems like the only times he is relevant is clay and now grass. I don't really know the difference except I assume that speed of ball is affected greatly.

I will say that I couldn't take my eyes away from the tv when I turned the match on at the beginning of the third set. I don't think I can get excited for non federer nadal matches but that was the most exciting sports I have seen since Lebron in the Eastern Conference finals.

Darklawdog said...

I'll take a slight detour on the baseball studs and duds. Note that I am a Reds fan.

Most overrated player - Adam Dunn.

He absolutely kills the Reds.

AL MVP - A-Rod who cares that his team is struggling. He is carrying them to an almost .500 record. That would not be the case without him.
NL MVP - Matt Holliday

AL CY - Dan Haren
NL Cy - Jake Peavy

Best Team - Detroit: The pitching staff is outstanding.

Biggest Disappointment - Red's Bullpen: Much worse than the Orioles. Andruw Jones - what a horrible season

Most overlooked - Harang and Chipper Jones

Kevin said...

Dan, what exactly do you mean by being an "OPS snob"? Do you mean you use OPS as your metric of evaluating hitters? Because A-Rod's OPS is higher than Magglio's. Do you mean you don't use OPS at all, and instead use stuff like batting average? Then you're a moron. A-Rod leads Magglio in basically every single category except for OBP and doubles, including a 30-13 edge in homers.

@ Lawdog: to explain why exactly Adam Dunn kills the Reds? His OPS is .905, second-best on the team and 26th in all of baseball. I'd say he's much more underrated than overrated.

Federer was amazing in the fifth set...I don't know what happened to him, but he just turned it up to another level. It didn't look to me like Nadal's knee really bothered him much in the fifth set (he was having trouble in the end of the fourth), but I wouldn't really know much about it.

verbal97 said...

AL Cy: Haren
AL ROY: Guthrie
AL MOY: Leyland

NL MVP: Fielder
NL Cy: Peavy
NL ROY: Pence
NL MOY: Yost

Anonymous said...

Here are the Yi highlights from last night...

Anonymous said...

Shanoff, clearly, you have never watched a single Milwaukee Brewers game if you think Ned Yost should be the Manager of the 1st half. As a Brewers fan that has watched the majority of games, it is pretty obvious to diehard Crew fans that he has probably cost the Crew at least 10 wins with his bullpen and lineup decisions.

Yes, he's managing the biggest turnaround in the league thus far, but by no means is this due to Ned Yost's game managing. He might be worse than Grady Little in the '03 playoffs with his pitching decisions.

If you want a good example of this, look at the scoring recap of last weekend's Nationals series, the previous weekend's Cubs series, and especially the late-inning comeback game in Minnesota in which he left his worst right handed reliever (Chris Spurling) in in the 9th to face Justin Morneau when he could have used lefty specialist Ben Shouse or the virtually unhittable Francisco Cordero against the opposing team's best hitter.

Believe me, this guy is driving all of us in Brewer Nation crazy.

Darklawdog said...


Has Adum Dunn ever had a clutch hit in his career? Sacrifice fly?

He hits his home runs in big wins or big losses. He is extremely streaky. He'll have a 10-16 game stretch where he gets 7-10 hr and 25-30 rbi's and then goes cold for a month straight.

His OBP may hover around .370 but so does his strike out rate.

He is an instant rally killer.

His stats generally look like this.

.240 BA 40 HR 110 RBI 200 K's 0-1 Sac flies. Not bad, but padded by his few hot streaks during the year.

Oh, he is also a terrible defensive player.

He would make a decent DH for a team that has consistant hitters around him. The Reds just aren't built to win games with a strikeout or homerun kind of guy.

ToddTheJackass said...

The All MLB Stud Team:

C - Russ Martin
1B - Prince Fielder
2B - Chase Utley
3B - A-Rod
SS - Hanley Ramirez
LF - Matt Holliday
CF - Ichiro
RF - Magglio Ordonez
DH - Gary Sheffield

SP - Jake Peavy, Dan Haren, Chris Young, Brad Penny, Johan Santana
RP - JJ Putz, Takashi Saito

All MLB Dud Team:
C - Jason Kendall
1B - Nomar Garciaparra
2B - Craig Biggio
3B - Nick Punto
SS - Julio Lugo
LF - Craig Monroe
CF - Johnny Damon
RF - Bobby Abreu
DH - Mike Sweeney

SP - Ervin Santana, Robinson Tejeda, Barry Zito, Kip Wells, Zach Duke
RP - BJ Ryan, Todd Jones

Geoff said...

I don't see how ARod can be an MVP for "carrying" a team to an under .500 record. Uh, great. Congrats... you led your team to the middle of the pack. So without him they would be even more mediocre. Big deal.

Johnny b said...

Dan do you realize you've given more coverage to NBA Summer League games (games that mean absolutely nothing) than you've given the NHL

Anonymous said...


I think we all realize that. The reality is that people care about the NBA summer league because people want to see the guy from China put in a game winner. They want to know how Oden/Durant are dealing with NBA-sized defenses. They want to know if Marco Balenelli is the next great European player.

Nobody cares about hockey though.

It isn't a matter of importance as much as it is interest.

Unknown said...

I must agree with Jeff, and I will tell you why. While Robbie McEwen is a very good cyclist, he is a sprinter by trade, and as such would never be in contention with Lance. Sprinters get all their glory in the first week of the TDF, and they only compete for the Green Jersey (points based on sprints both during a stage, and at the end). If you tuned in to just one stage of the Tour, you would probably get this information as the commentators do a great job of getting that information out each day it seems.

I would suggest you do tune in at some point, but I would wait for the mountains if I were you, that's when things get really interesting! Try to make time on July 25 (Stage 16, which features 4 climbs) and tune in to either the live coverage, or the recap. It's great to have it on while doing other tasks because you don't have to watch it too closely.

Jeanne said...

NL Dud: Barry Zito

Luke Bell said...

I love all the Barry Zito dud comments. Look, a pitcher went from the American league to the National league and got worse! The American league must stink, right?

Bayma said...

The Bronx is Burning may have a little problem. TWWL has only scheduled two hours (8-10) for the HR Derby and if I remember correctly, last year it went well past 11:00. My point is this -- how can I effectively TiVo something that doesn't have a hard starting time?

There's zippy chance that me or my Yankee-fan GF are going to stay up to watch it. They should have put it up on Tuesday night at 10 instead of showing Bruno vs Lennox from 1993.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to all who saved me correcting Dan about his Robbie McEwen comment.
Riders specialize in different events. McEwen is a sprinter who is never going to finish within two hours of the winner's time.
What is kind of unique about McEwen is his size. He is 5'7" and about 149 lbs. Most of the sprinters are much bigger and can generate incredible power for short distances. McEwen despite being physically smaller has such a fast kick that he can speed by the bigger guys. He started as a BMX racer in Australia and is renowned for being able to find just the right position in the pack.

Yesterday was one of the more amazing sprints. He crashed with 23km to go and his wrist and knee were hurt. His teammates helped pace him back to the group by letting him draft off of them. They rejoined the group but there are 189 riders in the tour all riding in one pack strung out from side to side across the road. The camera showing the sprint only had about the front 10 riders in view and Robbie was nowhere to be seen. He shot out of nowhere and blew by the other top sprinters in the world to take the win easily.

Andy Roberts said...

A-Rod is the ONLY correct answer as MVP, and that's coming from the person who was willing to vote for blind monkeys over Jeter last year.

Poseur said...

I like the shoutout to le Tour. but I wish Dan would get things right on that. McEwen never lost anything to Lance, he lost to Erik Zabel.

Zabel's on his last legs, but while Lance was busy winning seven Yellow Jerseys, Zabel won six Green Jerseys, awarded to the best sprinter. Let's give some love to the sprinters.

Speaking of which, poor Tom Boonen finally beat McEwen today, only to lose to his own leadout man. Though he did pass McEwen in the Green Jersey standings anyway.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone buy for a second that Barry Bonds won't be in the home run derby.

Let's see if I get this right...
1. Miguel Cabrera is hurt and can't do it.
2. They haven't named a replacement.
3. It is the day of the derby.
4. Bonds said he won't do it.
5. It's in San Fran.
6. We know he will be there.
7. Everyone wants to see him.

So, does anyone have any guesses on who the 4th NL guy will be?

Sheldiz said...

one more tennis note: i have to say that one of the reasons i really enjoyed men's final yesterday was that both players were pretty classy. there were moments of negative emotion and annoyance, to be sure, but on the whole they were both gracious winners/losers and that's nice to see from two people at the top of their game.

i did also love that nike ad narrated by tiger.

MLB Dud: The Orioles. of course.

Spencer said...

Hunter. Pence.

k said...

I'm piling on with Hunter Pence as NL Rookie here, too. And assuming Josh Hamilton's wrist doesn't keep him out too long, I'd say he's got NL Comeback Player sewed up nicely. (I think Pence is a better choice for ROY, but darn, Hamilton deserves some kind of recognition.)

ToddTheJackass said...

To add something else about the Wimbledon match, what perhaps made it the most interesting was that it finally looked like someone was going to beat Federer... it looked like Nadal was actually going to beat Federer on grass.

This got me thinking, in that even when Pete was at his absolute peak, anytime he played Andre (even at Wimbledon), you always thought that Andre had a chance. With Federer, the sentiment was more with what Dan incorrectly presumed, that Federer's winning was a foregone conclusion.

Based on yesterday, I think it's a lot more likely that Nadal will catch Federer on other surfaces before Federer could beat Nadal at Roland Garros.

danwise1856 said...

Correct me if I am wrong but didn't it used to be that you had to be an All-Star that year to be in the HR Derby? The last few years it has not been that way.

Personally, I like it better the old way as it was rewarding those making the All-Star roster.

Anonymous said...


The final contestant in the Home Run Derby tonight for the NL is Matt Holliday.

bbom said...

Dan Patrick...leaving ESPN Radio.

Perks said...

In my HR derby, I'm much more satisfied with Holliday than Cabrera as "my guy". Though, I was dying for Bonds to be announced, and my 7 other buddies would hate me.

RevScottDeMangeMD said...

b1b in mn:

he is actually leaving ESPN all together.

bbom said...

You're right...I just had radio in my head because of listening to it.

Will he be missed?...I enjoy listening to him.

bbom said...

...but I still miss Dibs also.

Ftrain said...

"Comedian" Dane Cook will star in MLB TV spots promoting the 2007 post season.


Guess I won't be watching the post season

chipp said...

A couple weeks ago on the Big Show, DP mentioned that he was offered an audition for The Price Is Right; could he have taken it?!?!

Eric Chase said...

John Turturro was funnnnnnny in Transformers

bbom said...

Transformers was incredible...if you are not expecting a realistic movie. They did a great job with it...although I have been waiting for a Transformers movie for 15-20 years.

Is this Wednesday the worst day in sports? absolutely no major sport going on.

Jen said...

Just a "dumb" question, but it may get overlooked since it's so late:

What constitutes "rookie" status in baseball? If someone has played, does it have to be under a certain number of games to still be considered a rookie?

Jingoist said...

AL MVP: Maggs
AL CY: Beckett- over Haren b/c of standings
AL ROY: Daisuke- by definition, he's a rookie and I think Young is hurt by playing in Tampa.
AL MOY: Leyland- could have had a 2006 hangover, but still cruising.

NL MVP: Prince
NL Cy: Peavy and Chris Young sort of cancel each other so I give it to Sheets
NL ROY: Pence.
NL MOY: Give Arizona's Melvin some love working with that young lineup (I like managers that do more with less).

ToddTheJackass said...

Jen, here's what says:

A player shall be considered a rookie unless, during a previous season or seasons, he has (a) exceeded 130 at-bats or 50 innings pitched in the Major Leagues; or (b) accumulated more than 45 days on the active roster of a Major League club or clubs during the period of 25-player limit (excluding time in the military service and time on the disabled list).

Taliek Brown said...

Dud HAS to be Julio Lugo. Sub-Mendoza line batting average, .089 June BA, pretty huge contract. Continue the line of Red Sox SS infamy.

Kurt said...

Todd, how is JD Drew/Eric Hinske not your RF dud? Ohhh thats right, because they play for your team. Drew is batting 25 points under last years average and 107 points under last years OBP. Meanwhile Hinske's batting a cool .193. Sure Abreu's not having the greatest season of his career, but he only batted .277 last year. So his current .264 is only 13 points under it.

Eric Chase said...

b1b - i agree! i cried like a baby when Prime died in 1986