Saturday, August 25, 2007

Saturday 08/25 (Very) Quickie

Vick suspended indefinitely: Is that the same as a "lifetime ban?" Effectively.

Doing Vick in was his statement of facts to the court: Bankrolling a dog-fighting and -gambling operation and killing dogs.

As Roger Goodell noted, the involvement in the gambling operation sealed it. (Not that we all didn't know it was coming.)

As for Vick's future: Jail time and the end of his NFL career.

Just in time for fans to put this behind them and move on to the start of the season...

Maddux: "10/20" Milestone. In a season of MLB milestones, Greg Maddux may have presented the most impressive -- and untoppable -- one yet:

At least 10 wins for the 20th straight season.

When talking about MLB milestones, you know how some people say that there are some -- mostly pitching-related, like those held by Cy Young -- that simply can't be broken by today's players. Well, Maddux topped a Cy Young-held record.

Congrats to one of the all-time great pitchers (probably my favorite pitcher of all time) on another amazing bullet-point in his career.


Josh Beckett earns win No. 16. Pole position for AL Cy Young?

Brady Daddy throws 2 TDs for Pats. Fatherhood suits him.

Jimmy Clausen admits he had arm surgery: Will he be Weis' choice for ND QB?

Reggie Miller staying retired: As mentioned yesterday.

One week from today: College football. (Yes, I recognize that LSU kicks off on Thursday. I'm talking nationwide.)

-- D.S.


David Kippe said...

How bout a 4 hour rain delay in Detroit? Starts at 11pm, then the game goes extra innings and the Tigers beat the Yanks with a Carlos Guillen walkoff at about 3:30am. With the way the bullpens were used, tonights game is almost like a nightcap of a doubleheader.

jhawkjjm said...

That's unbelievable that they didn't call it, especially since today's game is scheduled for a 12 cst start. There's going to be some awfully tired players and the game may be really sloppy.

Brian in Oxford said...

The Tigers game today isn't a 7 pm? I know it's not on the Fox list....heck, they might want to move it to a night game by mutual agreement!

Now if you'll excuse me, VH tickets for Boston go on sale in 4 minutes!

pv845 said...

Hey Dan! College football has started already. Again, I know that all you pay attention to is UF, but DII football started earlier and there are some great games on today. Check out CSTV for some.

No mention of the Indians ace losing to the lowly Royals?

Geoff said...

Tigers game tonight is a 7:00 game, not 1:00

The heroin sheik said...

How bout them devil rays last night. Shields was the man 9 ip, 2 er (in the 9th) and 8k. Some days the rays look dominating. Problem is 75% of the time they look downright pedestrian.

I thought Div 1 started on Thursday but I don't write a popular blog so I don't have to check my facts.

Aaron said...
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Aaron said...

Hey Dan, what do you think about the plea agreement clause that basically states Vick has to snitch on anyone the Fed's decide to investigate regarding dogfighting? IMO that's even more brutal for the NFL than just a marquee player being jailed for 1 1/2 years...all of a sudden the NFL could be on the hotseat for years because other players could be involved.

Maddux happens to be the greatest pitcher of this generation. Unlike Clemens, who had the power to make up for mistakes, Maddux is a guile and command pitcher who never truly had the velocity on his pitches to make mistakes. I've seen him pitch live once in my lifetime, and it's like watching surgery. Not only that, but he fields his position like few else have (notable exception: Mussina).

Yanks are at 7EST tonight. The Fox window prevented a doubleheader today, and the ESPN window prevents a doubledip tomorrow. Not a chance they don't televise a game, ESPECIALLY in the NY and Detroit markets.

john (east lansing, mi) said...

How about Curtis Granderson hitting two triples in the middle of the damn night?

What a fucking G.

jhawkjjm said...

Oops, my bad. The SUNDAY game is at 1, I looked on the wrong line. Sorry for any confusion.

But could you imagine if they did have to come back and play at 1est/12cst?

Melbye said...

Gotta think, if the games were in NY, it would have been the Fox game on Saturday and ESPN game on Sunday, then the double dip would have worked.

By the way, who gives a shit if Clausen had any kind of surgury? As long as it has healed and is all good, where's the issue/story here?
Leave the kid alone and let him play, if he has a sophomore year like Paulus, then we'll talk, until then back off.

Geo B said...

Re: the 10/20 club for Maddux - Don Sutton actually has more 10+ win seasons (21) but checking the stats there was a year break so Maddux has 20 seasons in a row.