Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Wednesday 08/22 A.M. Quickie:
Radomski, USA Hoops, 10 RBI, CFB, RIP SportsLine, More!

When I started writing the a.m. post today, I was wondering if there'd be all that much to write about. Turns out, there's a ton. Be sure to work your way through the whole thing for items on: Kirk Radomski! Garret Anderson! Brandon Webb! Larry Johnson! USA Basketball! Eddie Griffin! ESPN's 25-hour college football pre-game show! And…the death of CBS SportsLine! (No joke.) Tons more, too...

Kirk Radomski named names: He told the Mitchell Commission which MLB players bought steroids from him. Let the water-cooler guessing-game begin. It remains to be seen whether Mitchell will reveal the names – I wonder if MLB will see any particular big names on the list and tell him to keep it quiet. (Related: Why wouldn't Radomski steal Mitchell's thunder and reveal the list himself? He's already going to jail. Must have been part of his plea agreement. Not sure how that can possibly be legally binding.)

MLB Stud: Garret Anderson, for his 10 RBIs in last night's Angels route of the Yankees. 10!

MLB Must-Track: Brandon Webb puts his 42-inning scoreless streak on the line tonight.

Matt Murphy is going to sell Bonds' 756: Apparently, the tax burden was just too great to keep it. (Wouldn't it be cool if sports memorabilia wasn't taxed if you planned to keep it and never sell it, thus gaining financially from it?)

NFL Camping: Chiefs sign Larry Johnson to a 6-year extension with $19 million in guaranteed payments. The question is: After setting an NFL record with 416 carries a year ago, can he possibly keep up that pace? (He was my No. 1 draft pick in the Kissing Suzy Kolber keeper league, so I sure as hell hope so.)

Meanwhile, will Jeremiah Trotter (released by the Eagles) wind up elsewhere or call it a career? And who do you think Romeo Crennel will name as Browns starting QB in the week before their first game? It's like he and Charlie Weis are running the same playbook of "Don't name the starting QB until the last possible minute." Is Crennel leaving the door open for Brady Quinn to start in Week 1?

USA Basketball '07: Can the reconstituted team change the fortune of a franchise more accurately labeled "USA Oops" than "USA Hoops?" Winning the FIBA Americas tournament, which starts today, is no gimme.

(First things first: I refuse to use the label "Dream Team" – the only "Dream Team" was 1992. Everything since then was Team USA.)

Oh, sure, Team USA can capture one of the top two slots to get the Olympic bid (god, could you imagine if they couldn't?), but those of you expecting the team to steamroll to a title obviously have forgotten just how good Argentina is.

The biggest difference between this USA team and teams of recent past? This team has Kobe Bryant. And for all of the talk about "commitment" and "specialization," what Team USA really lacked was a go-to scorer with a killer instinct. Enter Kobe.

(And, yet, what does it say that I'm still not sure that even with Kobe, Team USA can beat Argentina to take the tournament?)

Do you want to buy David Ortiz' Mercedes? What if he'll personally deliver the keys to you? (Is this like the Seinfeld where George Costanza bought Jon Voight's car, only to find out that the car really belonged to John Voigt – NOT the actor?)

Vick Watch (begrudgingly): Vick's reps want a meeting with Roger Goodell before the Commish makes his final decision on Vick's fate. Not sure what good it'll do him. Goodell has no choice but to ban him for life. Or, perhaps, it's simply easier said: Vick will never play in the NFL again, regardless of whether he's banned or simply persona non grata.

(After Vick does his time in jail and after he's done a year of his NFL ban, if he's turned himself into a model citizen – no easy assumption, though it is obvious to the rest of us that that's what you need to do – I could see pitching Goodell on a reinstatement, perhaps after a second year's worth of banning.)

Meanwhile, how soon before Vick is charged in Virginia?

By the way, PFT remains your must-read source for all things Vick (in addition, of course, to all things NFL anyway).

NBA Gambling: Here's what the new NBA gambling-investigation czar Lawrence Pedowitz should recommend to the NBA – no players, coaches, refs, team employees or league employees should be allowed to gamble, even in Las Vegas.

(But gambling is legal in Vegas, you say? True enough, but it's WAY too easy for the legal gambling to turn into an illegal problem. The standard is easy enough: Just don't do it. Are players/employees so allured by gambling's pleasures that they couldn't stay away – what does that say about their potential for running into a problem in the long term?)

By the way, there's been one guy who has been (relatively) quiet throughout all of this: Charles Barkley (correct me if you've heard him speak out a lot about the subject of the NBA and gambling). Given that he's an admitted gambleholic, why hasn't anyone pointedly asked him the question: Have you ever bet on basketball, and did you ever bet on basketball as a player?

Eddie Griffin was killed in an accident, thus ending the life of one of the more cautionary tales in recent NBA history. Griffin was a prodigious talent – quite possibly one of the best prep power forwards in the last 20 years. He showed flashes of instability in college, when he (literally) fought with his teammates. He jumped from Seton Hall to the pros after one year, never really fulfilling his potential at the NBA level. Until last week's tragic ending, he was best-known for his most recent dust-up with the law, involving being caught in a self-gratifying moment in his car. He goes from throw-away punchline to cautionary tragedy.

CFB: The U. is leaving the Orange Bowl. It's a dump of a stadium, but Miami sure has a lot of great memories there of on-field success.

More CFB: ESPN is announcing a brilliant idea: A 25-hour pre-game show next week heading into the college football season opener. (Don't try to argue anymore that college football isn't our nation's No. 2 national pastime behind the NFL.) There are a couple of amazing details (via USAT), like what will they do overnight? Well, Hawaii has moved its practice just so it can have the 3 a.m. slot all to itself. Live-bloggers, you have been challenged.

By the way, Orson at EDSBS just put out his Week 1 viewing guide. Seriously: If you're not reading EDSBS every day (or multiple times a day), you're missing out on the single greatest college football blog experience.

CFB Preview: I know that my CFB ramp-up on the blog has been iffy (huge week next week, I swear), but here's today's question – which players aren't on the Heisman radar, but should be? I'm not saying they'll win (anyone – particularly a dark horse – will have a hard time eclipsing Arkansas' McFadden, and if not D-Mac then USC's Booty, and if not Booty then Louisville's Brohm). I'll have my Top 10 Heisman Watch List next week.

By the way, speaking of commenter response, that was an incredible discussion in the comments yesterday about which athlete is the biggest waste of talent of all time. If you haven't checked it out, click on the post below and scroll through the comments.

H.S. Football: USA Today's Top 25 came out and, unsurprisingly, Southlake (TX) Carroll is No. 1. Intriguingly, they have a game scheduled for mid-September against the team ranked No. 2: Controversial Miami Northwestern, which should feel lucky to even field a program this season. It's a de facto national championship game – in September!

Online Sports Media: RIP, "SportsLine." Buried at the end of Heistand's USAT column is the note that CBS is changing the name of its sports site from "SportsLine" to ""

Thus ends a branding era in online sports that began in the mid-90s as an intriguing (if inferior) competitor to; signed one of the original "anchor" programming deals with AOL (back when AOL was everything), demanding my first company (acquired by AOL) be put out of business as part of the deal terms; enjoyed an IPO; got swallowed by CBS; went through a tailspin decline of relevancy; brought in non-talents like Gregg Doyel (but smartly developed the only columnist on the site worth reading, Clay Travis); went through even more of a precipitous decline of relevancy; and, now, finally, simply gives up on its old brand name and will likely slink even further from view, despite the monster presence of CBS Sports' TV engine behind it. football predictions games: The clock is ticking down. Sign up using the links on the right. Group name: Daily Quickie Readers. (No password needed!)

-- D.S.


Unknown said...

I liked sportsline. I didn't discover it til a few months ago actually, but whenever I wanted to keep live track of a game, sportsline is better than gamecast, imo.

Big D said...

I still can't figure out how in the hell someone can be taxed for the "perceived value" of a baseball!

If I purchased a winning lottery ticket worth $500,000, but never cashed it in, I wouldn't owe one red cent to the government. I'd be an idiot, but still...

How can the IRS say that Murphy is responsible for the tax burden on something with no established value? If anything, he should be taxed on the $6.99 cost of the baseball, and nothing else until he sells it.

CMFost said...

Big D - I have been wondering the same thing. I forgot to ask my father in law the last time I saw him why that is the case. In my mind you have not made any income until you sold the item. The only income can be the cost of the ball. And how do you actually know what the value of the ball is if it is never sold.

CMFost said...

MLB Stud - A-Rod - 2HR's, second straight game with a HR but surprise surprise the Yankees lost.

CMFost said...

Duds - Mussina, Sonnestine and Lester

CMFost said...

Stud to the Red Sox bullpen - 3 2/3 IP, 0 Hits, 1 Unearned Run, 6 K's

CMFost said...

anyone know what the hell happen to blogger this morning?

Unknown said...

That's very sad about CBSSportsline going down. I just hope Gregg Doyel can survive on the streets.

I'm with you, Big D. I've caught a baseball in the stands before and wasn't taxed on it. And what happens a couple of years from now when Barry finally admits that he used and the value of the ball drops? Will the IRS refund his tax payment? Maybe ESPN Deportes can do some investigative research into this.

Unknown said...

What "value" is the IRS placing on the ball? Isn't a value based on what it could get really dependent on who's bidding? Is Todd McFarlane interested because then it would be extremely high? Would he be able to get out of it by selling it to his father for $10 and then buying it back for $15? Now the ball has an established value of only $15. If it goes up by the time he sells it later, well then he'd pay the tax then.

Unknown said...

If you actually read the AP article about the ball sale, it includes commentary to indicate that the IRS wouldn't do squat (despite "no comment" from the IRS). He is selling the ball for the money, and the whole "I might have had to pay taxes on it" is just BS to make it seem like he is not just going after the money.

If you are really afraid of being taxed, why not wait until the IRS actually comes after you to sell the ball?

Boomhauertjs said...

MLB dud: Indians hitting coach Derek Shelton-he's obviously not doing anything to help his hitters

MLB stud: Fausto Carmona-can you say "no support"?

chitown italian said...

Actually the price of a ML baseball is $12.99. Don't ask.

David Kippe said...


RevScottDeMangeMD said...

I actually talked to Doyel on the radio last Sunday (he hosts a show on 700wlw in Cincinnati called "Two Angry Guys."). He ripped Dave Matthews and I of course took offense to that.

FACT: > > > >

Unknown said...

Dan-- Argentina will be without Ginobili, Nocioni, Oberto, Pepe Sanchez and Walter Hermann. That's five NBA players. Team Kobe/USA will dominate this tournament. 10-0. Book it.

And oh, let’s go Canada!

Richard K. said...

Under the radar Heisman choice?

Tashard Choice

In the shadow of Calvin Johnson last year, he quietly put up 1400+ yards to lead the ACC in rushing. Now he has a new OC that was responsible for Garrett Wolfe's production last year.


Andre Woodson

No one is talking about this guy, but he remains by far the best QB in the SEC. Last year he had a 6:1 TD to INT ratio.


Percy Harvin

Possibly the best athlete in the SEC and could be a major focal point of the Gator's high powered attack.

Chaddogg said...

Want a real Heisman darkhorse? Tyrell Sutton, RB, Northwestern.

The schedule looks really favorable to the Wildcats (no Wisconsin or Penn State), he's had 2 consecutive 1000 yard seasons (1400 something as a freshman, only 1000 last year due to teams stacking the box early in the season when the Cats had no passing game), Fitzgerald knows the team's success depends on running Sutton, and EVERYONE is sleeping on the Cats.

Seriously, this is a team that will probably go 7-5, and has an outside chance at doing even better. In fact, the ceiling of 10-2 (with the losses coming to Michigan and OSU) is not out of the question for NU....I mean, don't you think they could get 10 wins out of the rest of their schedule? (Northeastern, Nevada, Duke, Michigan State, Indiana, Purdue, Iowa, Minnesota, Eastern Michigan, and Illinois? I'd say Purdue and Iowa are potentially reaches, but the rest of that schedule looks eminently winnable)

Mark it down - Sutton will enter into the Heisman discussion...he won't win, but he'll be an outside guy that maybe gets publicity for his senior year.

CMFost said...

Hey Sparty every one makes a typo actually there is probably not a single one of us commenters that has not had at least one typo a day. So back off, he added an extra letter who cares.

patrick said...

Ryan Torain is a Heisman darkhorse and will garner some pub leading up to the Thanksgiving Game vs. USC.

The outcome of that game will determine how real of a candidate he really is.

futurelegendvinceyoung said...

Sparty is that all you do is come here and check people's grammar? Who gives a fuck.

BLUE said...

I'm back and here to tell you that ARGENTINA isn't bringing 3/4ths of their team. All of their "good" players are not coming to the tournament because they already have their olympic spot locked up. Again, a little research would be nice for a sports column, but maybe that's asking too much. Maybe if you read anything that Chris Sheridan wrote, you'd be informed. Team USA's biggest challenge will be Brazil, and even then, it's a laughable one at that.

Laughable like most of your uninformed opinions....Ass

Unknown said...

I'm very sad to see the Axeman waived by my Birds, but also saw the move coming. Trotter was a great leader, and a great talent, but his days are numbered and it is the right time for the Eagles to cut ties with him

CMFost said...

I am hoping the patriots sign trotter to give them some additional depth in there LB corp

chitown italian said...

think twice before proposing at a ball game.

sorry, don't know how to link this.

David Kippe said...

futurelegendvinceyoung and cmfost,

yes, that is what I do, because i do it oh so often (sarcasm).
So yesterday when everyone else was on Dan's case for saying that the Cards were in the NL East (which itself was a typo) no one said anything to those who pointed that out repeatedly. so settle down sizzle chests.

David Kippe said...

seriously, you all need to relax

Brian in Oxford said...

Miami Northwestern?

Oh, if ONLY it coulda been called "Florida Northwestern" instead....

And what's the big deal about minor league football? The fact that it gives rural areas a chance to get behind teams when their populations don't otherwise allow them to have big-city major league football? :)

On the Bonds thing, are all the people who kept their ticket stubs going to be charged with income on the value of the stubs from that game with 756? I do love the "sell to your dad" idea, though....

David Kippe said...

and of course, i welcome any corrections.

Unknown said...

Dan, how could you neglect CBS Sportsline's Vick article with some juicy quotes from an anonymous NFL GM? Gems such as:

"There'd be a line of 15 to 20 teams waiting to sign him."

"Teams are going to say, 'F--- PETA. F--- the bad pub.'"

"We're all whores in football."

link to story

Jen said...

Boy do I feel bad for that guy...obviously he didn't follow the "two months' salary" rule and she was pissed at the "canardly" that he bought.

Anonymous said...

Terry Bodwen sums this up nicely:10. Matt Ryan QB, Boston College – Don't be surprised if Brian Brohm and Ryan go 1-2 in the NFL draft in 2008. But because Ryan matriculates in Chestnut Hill, and not a more high-profile football program, he will come into the season under the radar. But don't be surprised when he ends the 2007 season by shattering virtually every ACC passing record. Even though he suffered a sprained ankle in his opening game against Western Michigan and a broken foot in a victory over Virginia Tech on Oct. 12, Ryan put up some pretty impressive numbers in 2006. He led the ACC in total offense (242.2 yards per game) and passing yards per game (245.2) while leading BC to a 10-win season. Ryan's teammates call him "Matty Ice" because he is cool on the field, never losing his composure while staying in charge of the huddle and game plan. No quarterback in college football "manages" the game better than Ryan. He is a tough, gutsy competitor with a powerful arm and excellent mechanics who prefers to stand in the pocket rather than scramble around.

CMFost said...

Ryan from boston talking about Matt Ryan from Boston College, sounds a little fishy to me.

Ken Dynamo said...

im so glad kiss is playing on Team USA. its not like he's not old and has had problems staying healthy thru a whole season recently.

seriously, what the hell is he doing on that team? what are any of those guys doing on that team? who cares about team USA? its fun exhibition games but YOURE REAL JOB IS PLAYING IN THE NBA.

pv845 said...

The NFL will not ban him for life. It already has been under the FTC scope for anti-trust violations and they don't want that. They will just hit him with a 10 year ban and make him irrelevant.

Don't draft Larry Johnson, He will not have a good season.

Is this David Ortiz's Benz or someone else's that he is trying to sell? Just asking?

David Kippe said...

wasn't manny trying to sell something on ebay too?

The heroin sheik said...

I was always of the idea that they should call miami northwestern UM junior college since they seem to be a feeder school for the U. One of the high schools I went to had to play them in a football game and it was laughable. I think we lost like 52-10. I swear all the teams from Miami are like 5th string pros. Granted they are all like 25 yo's who failed their freshman year ten times.

My cousin played at Southlake and I saw a game there one time. I swear their stadium must hold 20k. Only bigger high school stadium I have seen is Lowndes County in Georgia where both Valdosta State and Lowndes County High play. I will have to get word to him in israquistan or wherever the Seals have him so I can put a bet on this.

chitown italian said...

This is from when they surveyed 212 ML pitchers. I seriously would have thought opponents BA would get a higher mark.

Earned Run Average.....33%
Walks and Hits per Inning Pitched.....18%
Inherited Runners Allowed to Score.....6%
Innings Pitched.....6%
Quality Starts.....4%
Games Pitched.....3%
Opponent Batting Average.....2%
Walks Allowed.....2%
Percent of First Batter Retired.....2%
Percent of Inherited Runners Scored.....1%

Brian in Oxford said...

chitown, what do those percentages represent?

The heroin sheik said...

did anyone see where bill murray got a dui on a golf cart in sweden? Carl Spackler is the man.

The heroin sheik said...

the percentages are for what pitchers think is the most important pitching stat.

Jen said...

Forgot to mention earlier in response to boomhauer...I have wondered why Shelton hasn't gotten fired after the Tribe's dismal display of hitting since the All-Star break?? It seems like a lot of other teams always can the pitching and hitting coaches when they hit a big skid and can't seem to stop the madness. It is ridiculous that Carmona had a perfect game going into the 5th inning and had NO run support.

I hate the Indians right now. They are giving me chest pains and ulcers.

RevScottDeMangeMD said...

Oh jen jen jen...silly girl.

Never like Cleveland teams. They'll give you more than chest pains...maybe herpes or something since they are dirty. ;)

If it's Brown, flush it down!

futurelegendvinceyoung said...

Texas Rangers 30
Baltimore Orioles 3

Qwagmire said...

Im Michael Vick, and I did not inhale

ruffian96 said...

P.J. Hill - RB Wisconsin Badgers should be on the Heisman watch list. You know the nation's 6th leading rusher last year?