Saturday, October 27, 2007

OK, So About the Gators' Loss...

What he said.


futurelegendvinceyoung said...

Very classy. Dan do you still think BC is #1?

Real Men Eat Haggis said...

tOSU and BC for the NC?

SEC slurpers' worst nightmare come to life...

Matt said...

I wish this post would come down - it's offensive to younger readers. Further it degrades the standards I have come to expect from this blog. I realize Dan's gator loyalties are often questioned and perhaps he is as strongly devoted to them as any other fan to their team, but Dan has always maintained a sense of journalistic integrity that is seriously undermined by linking to moronic ramblings on other posts.

Unknown said...

That was pretty funny. As sports fans we have all been there.

Ohio State is definitely number 1 but I will begrudgingly concede #2 to BC over LSU.

Unknown said...

And Dan, as a Florida fan, you have lost your right to get that upset for a few years. Hell, as a Syracuse fan, I would just be happy if they made a bowl game in the next 3 years.

ToddTheJackass said...

Dan, I give you permission if you want to go back on your word and put tOSU at #1. They were impressive today.

That BC now has a legit win (on the road in a monsoon), means enough to me. They are a legit #1/#2 right now.

And Florida's defense blows.

Matt Ryan > Tim Tebow.

ToddTheJackass said...

Dan wrote:

More than anything, I was instantly addicted to the expectations. It wasn't just that the team won as a basic matter of course, which they did, often prolifically. It was that they were expected to win. Even a single loss had the potential to be season-crushing.

Damn Dan, do you need to become a BC fan now? If one loss can be season-crushing, how does 3 losses feel?

David Kippe said...

I'm with you cycledan, I just want a freakin bowl game. but at least Syracuse doesn't fool you each and every week. Try being a Spartans fan, another choke job special! sigh...

TJ said...

This week didnt seem too crazy, but I think it might be harder this week than any other weeks to figure out a top 25. Even a top 10 isn't easy.

OSU, BC, and ASU sure seem to have pretty identical resumes. But BC, with the win over VaTech, has the best win, so they're probably #1. Cal isn't any better a win than Penn State now, so ASU and OSU are basically a pickem for #2.

Then it gets more interesting. Oregon's Cal loss looks worse every week, even though, subjectively, Cal was still good that week. And LSU's overall resume takes a hit as the conventional wisdom on the SEC slowly slips from "so tough there are no off weeks" to "there's not a complete team among 'em." So Kansas slips in ahead of LSU and Oregon to me.

Anyway, thankfully there are 10 zero and one loss teams, so I can make a top 10 without having to decide which is the top 2 loss team (USF probably, or maybe Virginia Tech. Texas? Michigan?! Alabama?!?)

1. BC
2. ASU
3. OSU
4. KU
5. LSU
6. Oregon
7. Oklahoma
8. WVU
9. Mizzou
10. UConn

TJ said...

OK, that was a good exercise for not thinking about the Gators game. Now for some masochism: hurray "Breakfast with the Gators."

Good God, did we really lose to Georgia? I didn't realize that was allowed to happen (2004 doesn't really count, since the athletic department forfeited the game on behalf of the team). The one thing we actually could do with the Zooker was beat Georgia. Sigh. Oh well.

Now as long as we beat Illinois in the Outback Bowl, I suppose the world won't end.

futurelegendvinceyoung said...

Troy you are on fucking crack if you think BC is better than OSU. BC struggled for 55 minutes of that game and then pulled it out. tOSU beat Penn St. from the word go, the game was never in doubt and they did it in a much more hostile environment than BC.

What happens to the BCS if we are faced with an undefeated team and a handful of 2 loss teams how awesome would that be?

Steve said...

Troy said, "Anyway, thankfully there are 10 zero and one loss teams, so I can make a top 10 without having to decide which is the top 2 loss team."

Nice subtle dig at Hawaii and their schedule ;) I approve.

jhawkjjm said...

Nice to see KU dominate A&M last night, that game wasn't nearly as close as the final score. Even with 3 missed FGs I never really doubted that KU would win. (Which is saying ALOT!)

Can we end the Tebow for Heisman talk now? If McFadden is hurt by his team having 3 losses then the same standard should apply to Tebow.

Mike said...

1 Ohio St over at 25 Penn St: RIGHT
21 Cal over at 4 Arizona St: WRONG
5 Oregon over 12 USC: RIGHT
At Rutgers over 7 West Virginia: WRONG
At Texas A&M over 9 Kansas: WRONG
10 South Florida over at 21 UConn: WRONG
11 Florida over 18 Georgia: WRONG
13 Missouri over Iowa State: RIGHT
14 Kentucky over Mississippi State: WRONG
15 Virginia over at NC State: WRONG
16 South Carolina over at Tennessee: WRONG
17 Hawaii over New Mexico St: RIGHT
19 Texas over Nebraska: RIGHT
20 Michigan over Minnesota: RIGHT
22 Auburn over Ole Miss: RIGHT

7-8're pretty good at this.

TJ said...


Why am I on crack? And for the record, I'm not convinced BC would beat OSU in a title game, but BC has done more this year to deserve a higher ranking right now. It's close I'll admit, and for the first time all year, I suppose it's possible to argue now that Ohio State should be ranked #1. I don't believe they should, but you could argue it now.

ToddTheJackass said...

Not to mention there was a freakin' monsoon for most of the BC game at VTech.

Matt T said...

Just got back from Jacksonville....


Holy crap that was awesome.

Kevin said...

Wow, you become more grown-up by the day. With your childish fake "devotion" to Florida and your even more childish effort at a response to yesterday's game, I am amazed that even the vaunted blog world will have you. Posting worthless nonsense apparently qualifies as respected writing in your opinion. Using a link as a copout

What day this week are you going to announce your new found allegiance to a new team? Current records: Nortwestern 5-4/Florida 5/3. Are you going to reclaim the Wildcats now, or has your wife's secodn cousin been a lifelong BC fan and maybe she babysat Matt Ryan when he was gorwing up so you can profess your lifelong dedication to BC and a new Heisman canidate. Or maybe you will say that since Florida beat OSU last year you are entitled to OSU's success this year as you went to a Big Ten school. Anxiously awaiting you next intelligent effort.