Thursday, October 25, 2007

Thursday 10/25 A.M. Quickie:
RoxSux, Beckett, BC@VT, FreeDarko, More!

Today's Names to Know: Kobe(!), Josh Beckett, Ryan Speier, Curt Schilling, Ubaldo Jimenez, Boston College, Virginia Tech, Antoine Walker, Steven Jackson, David Garrard, San Diego, Free Darko and More!

Hot Rumor! Is Kobe about to be shipped to the Pistons?! Tracking... (But it makes this Basketball Jones post make a lot more sense...)

World Series Game 1: Red Sox blitz
Rockies 13-1. Was it the 8-day layoff? The cross-country trip? The World Series stage? Going against the greatest post-season pitcher of our generation? Boston's own Rockies-esque momentum?

Whatever it was, the Rockies lost in a way they haven't since their miracle run began 23 games ago, of which they have now won only 21 of 23. It was the Rockies' first loss in these playoffs.

The story of the day will be: Was it the layoff? Not to take anything away from the Red Sox – either the dominant Beckett or the big (and patient) Boston bats. But the Rockies looked off... way off:

The normally clutch bats were silent. (Beckett K'ed the Rox' first 4 hitters of the game). The normally lock-down pitching was atrocious. (In the game's signature moment, Rox RP Ryan Speier delivered 3 straight bases-loaded walks, even after the game was well out of reach.)

I think it's fair to say that the 8-day layoff contributed heavily to taking the Rockies' glorious momentum and beating it upside the head wit a bat. Having witnessed first-hand the Rockies' last game before this and this one, on TV, they looked like two different teams.

Maybe it was not surprising that the Rockies would lose this Game 1 beyond the layoff, given Beckett (legend grows), given the first game being in Boston, given it was Colorado's first World Series game ever – even given the Law of Averages.

The true test will be: What happens tonight? The assumption (at least by me) always was that Sox would win the games Beckett started. If the Sox win Game 2, these Rox might be in trouble; if the Rockies win, reigniting the team's spark heading back to Colorado for three straight games, it's a whole new Series.

Superlative Watch: Most. Runs by a team in a World Series Game 1. Ever.

Fascinating counter-stat: Three teams in World Series history have won Game 1 by 10 runs; all three lost the Series. (Hat-tip to Tom Boswell, the best newspaper baseball columnist in the country.)

World Series Game 2 Preview: Legendary Curt Schilling versus rookie Ubaldo Jimenez. On paper, it certainly points to another Boston win. After that 21-of-22 streak entering the World Series, it seems crazy to think that the Rockies could lose two games, let alone two straight.

CFB: Boston College at Virginia Tech. ESPN's Thursday Night Football is turning into the weekly Must-See game of the week. Last week: Unbeaten BCS No. 2 South Florida went to Rutgers and lost (called it!).

This week: Unbeaten BCS No. 2 BC goes to Virginia Tech -- and will lose. VA Tech plays too well at home, they will be looking to ruin BC's season on a national stage, and a win will potentially catapult themselves into the Top 5 of the BCS rankings.

Hell, VT's only loss is at LSU: Of every one-loss team, theirs is the least offensive. (OK, I'm kind of in the bag for VT, because I picked them in the preseason as my national champ.)

A win by BC at VT affirms their worthiness in the Top 2 (putting them ahead of Ohio State) and clears the path for an unbeaten run right into the BCS title game.

Top 25 Rankings: I remain totally unsatisfied with the way my ballot this week played out on Sunday night. I decided to keep it, even though after reconsideration (and lots of really good emails from readers), I wanted to change my mind before Tuesday's BlogPoll deadline.

I stuck with it, and continue to feel like a fraud (or, I should say, more like a fraud than usual). EDSBS' brilliant ballot (and the fact that 25 other BlogPoll voters had LSU at No. 1) made me feel even worse.

I'm vowing a huge shake-up on Monday, with or without rational explanation. I'm chalking this week's lame-ass (even hypocritical) ballot decisions to the toll of the wackiest season of results in college football history. Here's Brian Cook's Fanhouse post on this week's BlogPoll.

There's a split between the Ohio State group and the LSU group. Despite my general confusion, I stand by one thing: If LSU played Ohio State on a neutral field -- tomorrow or in early January, it doesn't matter -- the Tigers would crush the Buckeyes as soundly as Florida did a year ago.

NBA Trade: Zzz. Minnesota's Mark Blount and Ricky Davis to Miami for Antoine Walker and throw-ins. I really really hope that Walker doesn't retard the development of Minnesota's young talent. He'll take much-needed shots from Foye and Brewer (though no more than Davis, I guess), although I suppose he clangs enough that he'll be good for a few more rebounds for Baby Al Jefferson.

NBA Preview Schedule:
Friday: Storylines (Quickie: Kobe)
Monday: Awards (Quickie: KG)
Tuesday: Playoff Picks (Quickie: SA d. BOS)

NFL: Steven Jackson could play this weekend. Isn't it a statement about the sorry status of the Rams that they could be getting their star player back against the Browns for a home game and most people still see them losing?

Where will the Chargers play on Sunday? The answer is coming today. Could be San Diego. Could be Dallas. Is there a Wild Card location?

NFL vs. Retirees: League adds $10 million to the retirement fun, and the money will go to joint replacement, cardio screening and assisted living.

David Garrard out 4 weeks: Too bad the Jags dumped Byron Leftwich. He'd come in handy right about now, wouldn't he? (Of course, Leftwich just had ankle surgery and will be out 3-4 weeks himself.)

Yankees Manager Watch: Could a new manager be named this week? And will it be Don Mattingly, as I suspect it will be?

Sports Blog Navel-Gazing: Huge congrats to the fellas over at Free Darko, who just announced they have landed a book deal, for a book to come out next fall before the 2008-2009 NBA season. Can't wait for that.

-- D.S.


Sparty said...

The Legend of Josh Beckett continues to grow.

john (east lansing, mi) said...

So many crazy declarations about who would beat OSU.

As surely as the Rockies wouldn't have lost by 12 if they had started playing Boston 7 days ago, OSU would not have lost to Florida in mid-November. Unfortunately for over-rested CFB teams, there's only two halves in a bowl game, rather than a minimum of 4 games.

And LSU does not deserve #1 picks with 1 loss. I picked them losing to Auburn, and they were damn close, at home. Florida would have beaten them, if the spotting had been done a little better after one of Les's craaazy 4th-down gambles. Next good team they play, they'll lose.
And then I'll be excited to see the next SEC leader get dozens of #1 votes. Get over it.

Sparty said...
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Sparty said...

couple little things that don't have headlines on the WWL homepage. Tayshaun Prince tweaked his ankle, number 1 pick and first guard off the bench Rodney Stuckey broke his non-shooting hand, Rip Hamilton hasn't played much of the preseason because of a bad ankle, and secret weapon Amir Johnson had not played in the preseason at all until last nights final game. Keep an eye on this, the one thing over the last 7 years has been the Pistons strength has been the ability to avoid injuries. Keep an eye on this.

And Dan and everyone else who is on the Cetics bandwagon. The Celts may win their divsion at best, but I doubt that because Ray Allen should be hurt by game 20.

pv845 said...

I think the weather had the biggest effect on the Rockies. The pitchers couldn't place anything. It looked like me out there trying to even make it to home plate.

Take off the SEC blinders and step away from the poll.

Can the Yankees seriously be considering Tony Pena as their new coach? The man was horrible in KC. He left amid a scandal about and affair. Yes this is the guy that the Yankees need for stability.

Georgia over UF. Upset alert!

rafael said...

Dan, You always need to add the link to the overall BlogPoll review. It's a good read, I always forget to bookmark it. lol

Game 1 was a gimme for the Sox. The issue will be if the Rockies get wrapped up in the fact they lost by 12 runs. If they believe in the "1 run or 12, whatever. next game" mentality, they'll be fine.
Otherwise...Boston in 5.

CMFost said...

pv845 said...
I think the weather had the biggest effect on the Rockies

Not a good excuse since both teams had to play in that weather and it do not effect the Red Sox and didn't the rockies play a game in worse weather in the NLCS

rafael said...

Can't one go one day without a Boston fan saying "nuh uh! we're just better! nyah nyah nyah!"

Anyway, it was Beckett/layoff that did that game in.

CMFost said...

Why is everyone making excuses for the Rockies? Maybe it is as simple as the Red Sox are the better team.

Sparty said...

tony pena is the minority interview that the Yanks had to process. nothing more than a compliance candidate. he is not seriously being considered.

The weather was not the factor, the layoff probably was and oh maybe the fact that they were facing the greatest post season pitcher since Jack Morris.

Mike said...

thank you cmfost. the rockies didn't lose it. the red sox won it. they're clearly the better team and should dominate the rest of the series. Sox in 5

Gary said...

First let me say I am a big Red Sox fan.

How soon we forget that Boston killed Cleveland in game one, then went on to lose the next three. I don't know if this will happen again, I certainly hope it doesn't, but a game one blow out does not a series make

Natsfan74 said...

One thing OSU has done differently than LSU this year is win every game. And, OSU hasn't even been close to losing a game -- and definitely didn't need 2 fourth quarter comebacks in 3 weeks (with a loss sandwiched in between).

Unfortunately, OSU hasn't beaten anyone really good this year. The game at Washington looked like a good match-up, but UW has stunk since then (even though they beat your beloved Boise State the week before Ohio State came to town). The win at Purdue was awesome -- they kept Purdue off the scoreboard for over 59 minutes (on the same night where USC and UF picked up their first losses). They kept the #1 offense in the Big 10 (MSU) out of the end zone. Without the two defensive touchdowns, Ohio State wins that game with a shut-out and people are talking about how impressive they looked.

Finally -- this OSU team is not last year's team. And the BCS Championship game was an aberration. If Ted Ginn doesn't get hurt on the kickoff celebration, it's a different game. If they played that game 10 times, on neutral field, OSU would win at least 5, probably 6 or 7. That Buckeye team was a great team having an off night. This Buckeye team is a good team that hasn't had any off nights yet. But, winning at night, at PSU, in a whiteout is a totally different story. I'll withhold real judgment until Sunday. But if OSU wins, they deserve to be #1. If they win convincingly, they deserve to be a unanimous #1!!

Sparty said...

one thing is for certain in college football this season, and that is this, nothing is for certain.

RevScottDeMangeMD said...


I have been emailing Dan back and forth for the past few days stating that he is basing way too much on LAST YEAR'S Ohio State team. It's not fair. And you are right, if they played 10 times, OSU would win at least 6 times. That was the WORST I have ever seen Ohio State play in my 25 years of being awesome...err...alive.

rafael said...

Actually, no. Boston has better individual players. Better team? No team has been as good as the Rockies the last month or more.

Boston bats are hot right now. Will it last? Dunno, they certainly went quiet for 3 games when it counted. Luckily, the Cleveland bats disappeared to even it out.

Though throwing a rookie out to pitch game 2 for the Rockies? Ouch. They better get to Schilling often.

pv845 said...

@ CMFost: I wasn't making excuses for the Rockies. They got beat, badly. Yes, the Red Sox played in the same weather, but it did not seem to affect them. I was merely saying that it looked like the weather was causing problems for the Rockies.

Typical Boston A-hole response. We are the best, anything that doesn't acknowledge that is a lie and can't be true.

Mark said...


First, I'm an Indians fan so I'm as bitter about the Sox as anyone else.

Second,the Rockies played in FAR worse weather in the NLCS and did just fine. It had nothing to do with the weather. It may have been the layoff, Beckett, first-time jitters, or whatever but it wasn't the freaking weather. Good lord, get over your anti-Sox horseshit for two seconds and think rationally.

Eddie said...

Did Dan seriously pick Boston as his representative from the NBA's Eastern Conference?

He... he knows Doc Rivers is still their coach, right?

Matt T said...


I hope you are right about UGA over UF. Willie Martinez did a good job scheming for UF's offense last year, but UGA's linebackers this year are not what they usually are. I'm headed towards Jax this evening.

How about the Hawks finishing with the best NBA preseason record? I know it doesn't mean much, but still 7-1 and all that young talent, they should make the playoffs.

Ferocious Bluebird said...

completely agree with the Tech assessment Dan,(even if it is a homer pick since my sister went there and my future sister in law is going there, and I am from VA). Also, Ohio State almost got beat by Michigan State. They are so soft we should call them the ben and jerry's marshmallow buckeye swirl.

As for the Rockies, i had picked them to win in Six and I am sticking with my pick. One bad game does not make a series as we witness in Boston's last series. But seriously, how exciting would it have been to see the Rockies sweep every series? I am not against Boston and the underdog gene has kicked in for the Rockies but I seriously hope this thing ends with a game 7 and in extra inning. The last exciting WS was when Josh Beckett manhandled the Yankm-mes in game six a couple years back. I want to see a true post-season not a coronation.

CMFost said...

PV - I did not say the Red Sox are the best what I did say was

"Maybe it is as simple as the Red Sox are the better team."

Which to me is not being an a-hole it stating a fact about last night game.

CMFost said...

Oh Yeah and here is a stat that Rockies fans are going to hate, The Winner of Game #1 in every series in the 2007 Playoffs has gone on to win the Series.

GuyInTheCorner said...

I knew this would happen...

Look, I'm no Sox fan, but they are the best team in baseball. The Indians, Yanks, Angels, Tigers are behind them to close out the top 5. The NL is not good. Watch both leagues and you'd know that.

The weather was actually in the Rockies favor. They played in a similar game in the NLCS and won. The layoff? Yes, it has an effect. Not 12 runs of an effect though.

I said it yesterday and I'll say it again:

No exuses will change that. My quote from yesterday was...
"The difference in conotations of "pitching" and "hitting" between the AL and NL are about to be exposed on a very big stage."

Wow, was I right or what?

pv845 said...


What you meant was it couldn't be the weather that helped Boston win, it had to be Boston. I admit that I could have been more clear, but what I meant was that to me the weather appeared to bother the Rockies. I don't care if they have played in a hurrican and won. Last night they looked out of sorts in the rain.

jhawkjjm said...

Congrats to the baseball hall of fame fixing a major error of last year and giving Buck O'Neil an honor he deserves. Unfortunately he's no longer around to enjoy it.

Geoff said...

I really have doubts that LSU would destroy OSU on a neutral field. Apart from making some extremely gutsy calls in tough situations, LSU hasn't been overly impressive this year. None of the SEC teams have been. Again, if those games were Big Ten or Big 12 games everyone would just talk about how weak the conferences are.

CMFost said...

PV - I think what really threw the Rockies off and it was the point the game was over was the 1st inning, when Beckett struck out the side and then Francis goes out and gives up 3 runs and it took a good defensive play to keep it from being more.

Sparty said...

if the weather was the reason the Sox won, then the flies were there reason the Indians beat the Yanks is Game 2 of the ALDS. The Rockies were just flat.
Remember that the Yanks had a long layoff in 96 and got embarrassed in the Stadium by the Braves. It is tough to get back to the way you were playing with such a long spell between games. Oh and again, Josh Beckett is tough to beat too.

CycleDan said...

As a Yankee fan who really doesn't care at this point who wins the World Series, I tuned in as a neutral observer baseball fan.
Plain and simple, Red Sox are a better team. Rockies are a good team, but they never would have made the playoffs or a 21/22 run in the AL.

Too much is said about the layoff. Becket has shut everyone down this postseason and the toughest pitcher the Rockies have faced. Since the Red Sox have never seen this guy pitch before, expect him to get through the lineup once until the Red Sox open up on him in later innings. That being said, Schilling is not the workhorse of a few years ago. It will be interesting to see how deep he goes and how many pitches Francona lets him throw.

Mark said...


Let me edit your last sentence for you...

"Last night they looked out of sorts."

There you go, no need to state that it was raining since it had nothing to do with how they played.

pv845 said...

CMFost - I agree that after giving that type of lead up after getting dominated that the game was over.

Beetle said...

Sparty, you keep proclaiming that Ray Allen will be hurt by game #20.
In his career, Ray has never played less than 50 games a season, and has played in 76 or more games in 7 of his 11 pro seasons.
That is not exactly a track record of a fragile player.

CycleDan said...

My hope for this college season is that there is an amorphous group of 1 and 2 loss teams with the vote split among all the teams with the computer poll picking the 8th human ranked team. Thus making a shambles of the whole BCS 1-2 game and giving a little more momentum to an 8 team playoff.

Beetle said...

Rafeal said;
"Can't one go one day without a Boston fan saying "nuh uh! we're just better! nyah nyah nyah!" one here has said any such thing or maybe any condescending comments whatsoever.
Quit looking for something that just isn't there.

Sparty said...

and he has missed almost 60 games in 2 of the last 4 season. thats not good. he is going to get hurt. and Doc Rivers is the coach, 40 mins a game for each of these guys? not a chance to not get hurt.

Beetle said...

You are absolutely correct.
All the Sox did was win one game. If the Rox win tonight, they take all the momentum back to a sure to be crazed Coors field.

Sparty said...

college playoff will never ever happen.

CycleDan said...

I was a big Mattingly fan when he was a player and still love the guy. However here is what I don't understand. The Yankee managerial job is the pinnacle of all managerial or coaching jobs almost anywhere in North American sports. It is not an entry level job. Why fill it with a person with zero managerial experience. Mattingly may do fine if he gets the job or he may have no idea what he is doing. We have no way of knowing.

Girardi at least was manager of the year. Well that is at least an eye catching line to put on your resume.

I think there is another factor there. Behind the scenes, Jeter, Posada, Rivera and maybe even A-Rod have expressed a preference - maybe even a strong preference stating that if they don't like the next Yankee manager, they may be inclined to sign elsewhere. If that is the case then Mattingly will get the job.

Tunsney said...

Damn! I was really looking forward to reading what CMFOST and LUKE had to say about the NE/MIA game. This is their blog right? bleh...

Cody said...

I think I've figured out the Red Sox winning formula. Extend out the ALCS by going down big, let the NLCS finish up and make the winner wait, then at the last moment, flip the switch, win the ALCS and cruise into the WS with momentum while the NL team is rusty.

I hate to say it but the Sox are just better.

Brian said...

Sad with whats happening down in SoCal. Thoughts go out to all the familys losing their homes (not just the celbrities). On an aside, why wouldn't SD just move the game up the coast to say, The LA Memorial Colosseum? Is USC the only team that plays their now?

Matt said...

Ferocious Bluebird: hey sorry to burt your bubble but MSU did not almost beat OSU. they scored 3 points on offense all game. they got 2 flunk turnovers for TD's in 4 plays. regardless of that quick 14 points the game still was never in doubt because MSU offense did absolutely nothing against MSU's big10 leading offense(at the time) check the stats.

and how is OSU soft, not only have they won every game, they haven't been close. they will win @PSU. behind another masterful defensive performance...think 2002

Beetle said...

Say Eddie,
Sure the Celtics are flawed with Doc as their coach, but who else is there in the East??
The Heat? Shaq's too old.
Pistons, on the downside of a nice run. The Cavs? A one man team has never won anything in the NBA.
I think maybe the Bulls have the best shot. After that, why not the C's?

Beetle said...

Ray Ray will be just fine.
Plus, the Celtics bench is a lot deeper than people realize.
The X factor will be Tony Allen.
He was lights out before blowing out his knee last season.
This year he is already back playing, way ahead of his rehab schedule.
If he can regain his explosiveness, then the C's will have a 4th truly dangerous weapon.

marcomarco said...

Maybe I was drunk, but did I hear Joe Buck say that Troulowiski is such a big Jeter fan that he took his number (2) and was wearing his cologne "Driven"?

Then, the mighty Buck said that the MENS cologne was a "stimulating fragrance"?


Geoff said...

"My hope for this college season is that there is an amorphous group of 1 and 2 loss teams with the vote split among all the teams with the computer poll picking the 8th human ranked team. Thus making a shambles of the whole BCS 1-2 game and giving a little more momentum to an 8 team playoff."

I wish college would just go back to the old bowl system. It was more enjoyable back then. Even an 8 team playoff won't work, especially in a season like this where there are no dominant teams and about a million possible #8 teams.

Sparty said...

the bench is deeper? the don't even have a true 5th starter.

Mike said...

here's a question. why didn't Tito pull Beckett after the 5th? the game was pretty much over and if he's rested enough he could start game 4. i'd rather take beckett with 3 days rest than lester.

Sparty said...

Jan 1st is meaningless. The old system was much more fun.

Sparty said...

Mike, you must be a Pinella fan too?

eileen said...

I think the Sox won last night because A. Beckett is amazing and B. Rockies were hurt by their long layoff. However, Shilling is no guaranteed W and the Sox might have trouble in Denver because they can't use a DH. However, I do think that they are a better team (and that the AL is better than the NL) and they will prevail.

As for the NBA, Celtics look the best on paper and may well be the best, if no one gets injured. KG will freaking eat up the East. The Bulls are the other major contender. Detroit and Miami are on their way down, whereas the Bulls have the potential to be ever better than they were last season. I like LeBron as a player but don't see him taking the Cavs too far this season.

verbal97 said...

Dan (and others), how do you like your crow cooked...BC will win tonight 24-17.

Boomhauertjs said...

Quote: The Cavs? A one man team has never won anything in the NBA.

Un, the Eastern Conference Championship is nothing?

Game 1 showed that the National League sucks. The Rockies would've been a .500 team at best in the AL.

CMFost said...

Verbal I do not even think it will be that close, people are completely underestimating the BC Defense.

BC 27
VT 10

theoriginaljd said...

One thing people haven't mentioned about the Rockies is that it's entirely possible that their offense just isn't that good. I know Eric Byrnes talked about it lastnight but the Rockies hit like .280 during the regular season, .260 in the NLDS, and .220 in the NLCS. That's a pretty bad trend.

If you look at the runs they scored during the playoffs it was all basically in bunches. In the NLDS they scored 16 runs in 3 games, with 10 coming in game 2 where they score 4 in the 4th, and 4 in the 6th.

In the NLDS they scored 18 runs in 4 games with 5 coming in game one (3 in the 3rd), and 6 coming in game 4 (all 6 came in the fourth).

It's very possible that the Rockies offense is capable of having a big inning but unlike the Red Sox they're not capable of making a pitcher work continuously throughout a game and beating up a team in a relentless fashion that the Sox showed last night.

I think people are giving too much credit to the layoff because if you watched the game you'd notice Josh Beckett basically threw fastball the entire game. I've heard former players on the radio and on ESPN talk about how coming off the layoff you're always going to struggle with the off speed pitches, but the timing for the fastball is still going to be there. It wasn't the layoff that hurt the Rockies last night it might very well have been the fact that they haven't been a very good team in the playoffs but they're beating teams who are worse.

CMFost said...

Here is a big stat from last night of the Red Sox 13 Runs, 10 Scored with 2 outs

verbal97 said...

cmfost, I made it that close because it's a thursday night game in Blacksburg. But you're right, a) Va Tech can't pass and b) nobody has been able to run on BC this year, even that Heisman hopeful whats-his-name from Ga Tech.

Sparty said...

why are the Pistons on their way down? they are not old, they have younger guys ready to play major minutes, I don't get why everyone is down on them. I like it, they are being completely disrespected again, just the way they like it.

Jen said...

matt~ I was at that OSU/PSU defensive game in '02! It was awesome. I was at Penn State in '03 when Nugent kicked a field goal to win it also. They are always great games between these two schools.
I'm supposed to be going to Happy Valley this weekend, but the weather isn't cooperating.

Beckett was dominant and the Rockies were rusty; that's why the Red Sox killed them last night and that's why I went to sleep in the second inning.

Beetle said...

Quote: The Cavs? A one man team has never won anything in the NBA.

Un, the Eastern Conference Championship is nothing?

Ummm...nope, not really.
The Cavs were the East's representative by default, as they were simply the best of a bad group of teams.

People talk about the weakness of the NFC and the National League, but the NBA Eastern Conference is by far the weakest conference in all of the major sports.
The C's will be trying to change that this year.
I can't say I know that it will work out that way, but they look pretty damn good on paper.

Jonathan said...

Here's a stat, Boston fans are losers.

Sparty said...

the Eastern Conference in basketball is the weakest? are you kidding me? They have won 2 of the last 4 championships. The NFC is terrible! they have been outclassed in the regular season (as shown by the whooping the Pats put on Dallas) and also been getting their asses handed to them in the Super Bowl year after year.

Beetle said...

Think about it, how many NBA teams actually have 5 true starters playing?
Almost none.
Hell, the Cavs went to the finals with only two true starters.
Beisdes, Kederic Perkins will be just fine. He'll grab a bunch of boards, score a little bit. Block about 2 per game, and deliver 5 HARD fouls per game. When you have the starting first three that the C's have, that is all you need.
Hell, that's all Cartwright ever did for the Bulls, and that seemed to work out okay.

Beetle said...

Boys, bad news.
Eileen is making more sense than the rest of you.

Sparty said...

the Pistons don't? you are trying to tell me that none of those guys wouldn't start on other teams?

Beetle said...

"Younger guys ready to play big minutes" is not good enough to make up for all the mileage on Rips' Billups, et all odometers.
The Celtics had younger guys ready to play big minutes for the past 10 years, and it never got them anywhere.

Beetle said...

Here's another stat.
You're a whiny little bitch.

GuyInTheCorner said...

I can't believe that we are discussing the Eastern Conference and haven't touched on the team who was in first place near the end of last year before injuries took them down.

Does anyone even remember who that is?

And btw...


Beetle said...

Don't get me wrong, I really respect the Pistons and they have great players, and yes they are one of the few teams with 5 true starters. I still cringe when I think about how that tea-bagger Pitino gave up on Billups after about 40 games.
However, I just don't think they have enough left in the tank.
Of course, I could be wrong.
It's not like I am claiming to be Peter May or anything.

Sparty said...

don't even tell me that you are bringing up the Wiz. I love Arenas, but please, no defense.

Sparty said...

I just think people need to RELAX about the Celts. First they need time to gel, they need to somehow overcome the ineptitude of the basketball version of Norv Turner in Doc Rivers, then they need to stay healthy, especially with no depth.

Beetle said...

I am guessing you are referring to the Wiz?
They are a wildcard, I honestly don't know what to expect from them.
However, they can't play D.
In the end, that will kill them.

GuyInTheCorner said...

The Wiz have actually been working on the D this year and shouldbe significantly improved from last season.

Stevenson, Arenas, Butler, Jamison, Haywood is a pretty good starting lineup. I can also say that Andray Blatche is about to break out and become the starting center at some point this year.

CMFost said...

The Only thing that worries me about the Celtics is what everyone is saying DOC RIVERS.

CMFost said...

and playing the role of luke today is JONATHAN..

Sparty said...

i think that if things are around .500 around the 30 game mark, Ainge may take over the team.

CMFost said...

Ainge may take over the team.

Like that would be an improvement???

GuyInTheCorner said...

What is semi-disturbing about the East is that you pretty much know which teas will make the playoffs. Boston, Jersey, and DC have their "big 3"s, Chicago and Detroit have firm bases, Cleveland has LeBron, Miami has D-Wade and Shaq, and the Raptors young team will make it led by Bosh.

Does anyone really thing Indiana, Atlanta, Milwaukee, Philly, New York, or Charlotte can make it?

The only team that's confusing is the Magic and even if they are good whose playoff spot to they take?

Mark said...


I don't think that's fair to Luke. At least he had an opinion about the game instead of just throwing out "Boston sucks" comments.

Sparty said...

no, didn't say it would improve the team, I just expect it.

And I do think that there is an outside crazy chance that the Knicks could sneak in.

CMFost said...

True mark, Luke did bring a little more to the table yesterday.

ToddTheJackass said...

Dan, wasn't your basis for rankings at the beginning of the year based on where you thought teams would end up? So how then does the neutral field thing matter?

Also, while it's totally legit to predict that V-Tech will beat BC (although BC crushed them last year), have you even watched BC this year? Even once? Please give them a little credit instead of just bashing them all the time.

Jonathan said...

I have nothing

Sam said...

I am not a Danny Ainge fan, but he was not an awful coach when he was with the Suns. In fact he was pretty good. His record with the Suns was..136-90. Which is much better than his record as a GM, which he IS awful at.

TF said...

Lookout for the Magic. DwightHoward is set to EXPLODE.

Boomhauertjs said...

The National League is the worst of all. That teams like the Diamondbacks this year and Padres last year could make the playoffs is all you need to say about the NL.

wolverine425 said...

where is there some solid proof of the Pistons going after KOBE??? please please show me if anyone has any idea...

Geoff said...

The East is going to be a total crap shoot this year. Miami got better by getting rid of Antoine Walker, Detroit is still going to be solid, the Celtics will be improved but they still have an awful coach and will rely too heavily on 3 players, the Cavs have gotten worse. Just going to be a weird year. I guess the Wizards could make some noise in the East but you don't win titles with guys like Gilbert Arenas.

marcomarco said...

One stat stood out in my mind last night.

In one game, the Sox outscored the D-bags in 4 games. 13-8

Jibblescribbits said...

If LSU played Ohio State on a neutral field -- tomorrow or in early January, it doesn't matter -- the Tigers would crush the Buckeyes as soundly as Florida did a year ago.

That's what everyone said about OSU and Florida last season, remember.

One thing that gets me, is how much importance people put on individual games. Remember that a really good winning percentage in any sport is .667 (okay any sport with level playing field. College athletics are skewed because of the wide range of talent levels).

LSU could just as easily have lost 3 games, or lost 0. It's why polls are about the worst way to determine who the best team is.

So yes OSU got beat, badly, last year in the title game, but that isn't completely indicative of how good a team they were last season. It's factored in, but you can't judge their season on one game. And the Rox got beat badly, last night, but that isn't necessarily indicative of how tonight is going to go.

Beetle said...

Dwight Howard is a force to be reckoned with for sure, be he has yet to develop a strong offensive game aside from O-rebounding, put backs, and strong finishing skills.
He cannot create his own shot at all.

Write this down....Al Jefferson will be the big breakout man this year.
That man has low post moves that I haven't seen since some guy named McHale terrorized the paint in the 80.

CMFost said...

Here is a stat of interest going into the BC-VT game.

VT is 13-2 when playing on Thursday Night, there only loses came against BC

Mark said...


What are you talking about?

Nobody has said anything about Kobe going to the Pistons...

rafael said...

Beetle, its just that boston fans (like yourself) just come on here to espouse the greatness of their teams, real or fake.

Pats and Sox? Certainly. Crow.

But the Celtics? They've done nothing. And it isn't proven that they WILL do anything. KG was a big winner in Minnesota though..and oh..wait..
Gotta wait and see on the Celtics.
The Pistons, Cavs, and Wizards are the teams to watch going into the season.

Luke Bell said...

Not to beat the dead horse yet again, but here is a little something from the Miami Herald:

"Some Dolphins players were unhappy about the Patriots throwing with a big lead Sunday. ''Everyone was disappointed with the lack of respect,'' Chris Liwienski said. ``It's a kick in the teeth and lacked some class. Enough is enough.''"

PatriotsNation said...

Interesting for any NHL fans:

PITTSBURGH — John Ferguson has made a bold move with an eye to capturing the next big thing in hockey — he offered up-and-coming superstar John Tavares a contract to play for the Toronto Maple Leafs' farm team.
Tavares, the teenage phenom currently playing for the Oshawa Generals of the Ontario Hockey League, is not eligible for the NHL entry draft until 2009 because his birthday, Sept. 20, 1990, falls five days after the age deadline for the 2008 draft. The NHL collective agreement states that only players who are 18 years old by Sept. 15 of each year are eligible for that year's entry draft.
But there is nothing that would prevent Tavares from playing for the Toronto Marlies in the American Hockey League, which operates as the farm system for the NHL.
An NHL source said Ferguson, the Maple Leafs general manager, recently contacted Tavares' agents, Brian McDonald and Bryan Deasley, and offered the young forward a contract for a minimum of three years. The source said Ferguson has not received a response yet.

Mark said...


You take Chris Liwienski's (who the f is he?) opinion if you want. I'll take Jason Taylor's , the team's captain.

wolverine425 said...

Mark said...


What are you talking about?

Nobody has said anything about Kobe going to the Pistons...

MARK: it was the first thing that Dan said in his quickie today...u read it?

Mark said...

Oh, that was updated after the original morning post. I just leave the comments page open after I read the original bad.

Sparty said...

The only thing isaw was Rob Parker from the Detroit News spewing something, but he's an idiot.

marcomarco said...

Rockies Counseling

They do so without any equipment being given to them—no hankies, no rally sticks, no Rockies rocks, nothing. Their primary goal is to root for their team, while unleashing almost unimaginable psychological torment on opposing players.

This guy cracks me up.

Beetle said...

To Rafael,
Oohohohhoho sorry I offended you for making an argument for my home town team. I'll be sure to try and not do THAT
Bottom line, the Wiz are a bunch of chuckers, The Cavs are all about 1 man, and The Pistons are a great team, but may be on the decline.
WRITE IT DOWN...the C's will finish with a better record than 2 out of those 3 teams.
How many other teams can say they have three no-doubt future HOFers, in their respective primes, on their roster?? Not many.

To Luke Bell, who the hell is Chris Lewienski? Why don't you tell us what the REAL Dolphins (Zack Thomas, Jayson Taylor) had to say??

Sparty said...

Cavs may be about 1 man, but that one man took them to the Finals.

Beetle said...

Yes Sparty, you are correct, and that is because LeBron is a bad bad man playing in a weak division.
Now the C's have there own bad man, along with 2 of the best offensive basketball players of this era on his wings.
We'll see how it plays out.
Like I said before (RAFAEL!!)
I am not purporting to be Peter May here, I am just excited about the Celtics chances for the 1st time in more than a decade.

Sparty, question for you.
Aren't you a Yankees fan? So how are you a Pistons fan as well??

Sparty said...

i should put this in the other post about Fandom, but grew up in NJ for 8 years, my father lifelong Yanks and Giants fans. moved to Michigan and lived there through college became fans of the Wings (really Yzerman) and Pistons, it was the bad boys days and aligned with the Spartans and went to school there. made it back to Jersey but hate the Knicks, and Nets. Don't even get me started on my hatred of the Devils.

CMFost said...

San Diego’s Jake Peavy and Cleveland’s C.C. Sabathia are the best pitchers of 2007, according to their peers. The announcement of the 2007 Players Choice Award winners for Outstanding Pitcher in the National League and American League was made today on Yahoo! Sports.

Major League baseball players in each league cast votes for the "best of the best," and the 2007 Players Choice Award winners for Outstanding Player are Milwaukee Brewers first baseman Prince Fielder in the National League and New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez in the American League. The announcement was made today on Yahoo! Sports

In a freshman class full of impressive young talent, Milwaukee Brewers third baseman Ryan Braun and Boston Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia were voted tops in the Class of ’07 by their peers.

Friday, October 26 – AL & NL Comeback Players

Saturday, October 27 – Player of the Year/Marvin Miller Man of the Year

will be annouced

PatriotsNation said...

24 Trailer

Sparty said...

wow, tony's alive. and he's the villain, thats crazy shitness. thanks patriotsnation.

Luke Bell said...

Just saying...It it isn't all smiles and sunshine with the Dolphins. Yesterday I was ripped for not addressing Jason Taylor's comments, and today I am ripped for doing it.

Also, something else I read on a different blog: Remember a few years ago, when Manning and the Colts were blowing teams out and had a shot at going undefeated, while the Patriots won close games with solid defense and superior coaching? Back then, Pats fans were complaining about no respect for their team that played the "right way." Now the roles are reversed, and we are supposed to respect the way the Pats are blowing teams out.

Just thought that was interesting. I am sure there is a "logical" reason for that too.

Steve said...

Luke, the logical reason is that this year it's the Patriots, so they make up the rational that scoring margin is a tiebreaker, even though it's never been fucking used as a tiebreaker in the history of the NFL because it's so far down the list. But back then it was the Colts so it was different. Boston fans are douches, as soon as you accept that it all makes sense.

marcomarco said...

I've never been happier to be a douche.

Go Sox.