Sunday, February 03, 2008

Sunday 02/03 A.M. (Very) Quickie:
XLII, Pats Scandal, CBB Upset, More

The countdown to the Super Bowl is on. Track the game through Shanoff's Super Bowl Twitter at Should start around 6 p.m. ET.

Pats XXXVII Scandal, Cont'd: The Pats deny it, of course, and the league backs them up with a flimsy "it wasn't on the tapes the Pats provided and the Pats said they didn't."

(If the Pats did it, do you think they would provide the evidence to the league and/or admit to it? Those XXXVII tapes were probably destroyed the day after the first whiff of the spying scandal with the Jets at the start of the season, if not earlier.)

Cripes: Wright Thompson is making it unfair. It's getting to the point where everything he is writing these days is off-the-charts must-read. (Like this latest, a profile of the Pats' Ernie Adams.) In my estimation, Thompson is the best sportswriter in America right now.

Penn State shocks Michigan State: I'm not willing to credit Penn State completely; the Big Ten is THAT mediocre, if the league's best team loses to Penn State. But a great win for the Nittany Lions.

UConn beats Pitt, continues sizzling streak.

Stanford shocks Wazzu in Pullman, continues Cougars' stumbling at home.

SEC: Inexperienced, thin Florida routed by Arkansas, Tennessee edges feisty Mississippi State.

Eddie Sutton hits 800 Ws: Wonder if he'll quit coaching the team today? No, I'm being serious.

Kevin Love Watch: 26 and 11 (yet another double-double) for my National Player of the Year, in a UCLA win over Arizona.

Over/under on the number of fans who watched Yao play Yi? Here's an appropriate over/under: The number of people who will watch the Super Bowl.

-- D.S.


pv845 said...

No talk about the Might KSU Wildcats losing to MU. An MU team that was playing without its leading scorer and 2 other main players? Interesting.

Tuffy said...

In other words, almost as many people that watch the Oscars. *cough*