Monday, February 04, 2008

What About the '72 Dolphins?

The only downside of the Pats losing was that we still have to listen to the 1972 Dolphins, who remain the most obnoxious group of winners in sports history.

Have you seen Reebok's "Perfectville" ad? It had to be created before the Super Bowl. Was there an alternate version if the Pats won? Anyway: It almost makes me not hate the '72 Fins. Almost.


mtjaws said...

On ESPN this morning, Mercury Morris did say that there were two endings filmed for the commercial. I sure hope that other one shows up somewhere.

But as a Dolphin fan, I love it when everyone loses each year, keeping that 72 Undefeated Team unique.

Bookhead said...

I've been a Dolphins fan since I was six. I was seven in 1972. The perfect season, to me, has always been a snapshot of my childhood, back when my team was undeniable the best and I was under the impression that they were supposed to win the SB every year.

Part of me cringes when Mercury Morris raps or Shula talks about asterisks, but you know what? I don't care anymore. I don't care if today's fans or media (and here's a extra special EFFYOU! to you, JJ) consider them grumpy old has-beens. Fins fans have had damn little to cheer about this decade (and actually, apart from witnessing 420 TD passes, these past three decades). So Hell and Yes, still being the only undefeated SB champions is huge.

As for why the '72 team is perceived as dick-ish, I suppose it comes from constantly being disregarded during "best-ever" talk. Yes, we know, we know. Weak schedule, they won too many close ones, etc, etc. So maybe they weren't The Greatest Ever. But just about everybody (surely you were, Dan) was about to annoint a perfect Pats team with that very superlative. That they didn't quite make it...doesn't that underline the significance of what the '72 team accomplished?

Scott said...

I can imagine the moving van had Patriots on it and the Dolphins said something like "Welcome to the Neighborhood, you cheatin' c--ksuckers!"

SF said...

I think the Pats inability to reach Perfection just makes the Fins 1972 accomplishment that much more incredible. It is a grueling journey, and the Fins deserve to act Proudly. Also, The Fins played over half of the undefeated season without Griese, their starting QB. How many games do the Pats win without Brady? 6? 7, at best?

Mark R said...

Dan, remember this...The 72 Dolphins won't be around forever.

I'd rather listen to them than have to deal with the Boston fans, who you KNOW would never, ever shut up about it.

Alan said...

This is the commercial that would've been shown if the Patriots won.