Saturday, February 09, 2008

Saturday 02/09 (Very) Quickie

What did we learn from KG's Minnesota homecoming? That without Garnett, the Celtics are a mere buzzer-beater from being the Timberwolves...

Mariners get Erik Bedard: Between Silva and Bedard, along with King Felix, that's a nice little rotation that the M's have. The O's get OF stud prospect Adam "Not-Pacman" Jones.

LSU fires hoops coach John Brady: Was it just a few seasons ago that he was leading the Tigers on that miracle Final Four run, including that amazing win over Duke?

NBA Stud: Carmelo, who had a career-high 49 in a Nuggets win over the Wizards. Meanwhile, Kobe (36) and Pau (30) combined for 66 points; think they're getting along?

Clemens Watch: The story gets MUCH stranger. Brian McNamee said he injected Clemens' WIFE with HGH before an SI photo shoot. Put her on the witness list, Congress!

Illinois apologizes to Eric Gordon and his family for the rough treatment they received in Champaign the other night. But, come on: What did his family EXPECT would happen (and why were they there if they knew?) And what did Gordon expect would happen?

Kirk Radomski gets 5 years of probation for being baseball's most notorious PED dealer -- because he cooperated with baseball and "named names." Here's a hint for Roger Clemens: Start snitchin'.

NASCAR Speedweeks: Tony Stewart vs. Kurt Busch! The more like WWE that NASCAR can get, the better. It's all about the personal conflict.

Settling in for a day of college hoops...

-- D.S.


A.P. Boynton said...

What you fail to realize is that Paul Pierce was still not 100% after having the flu. He only played 33 minutes and scored 18 points. If he was feeling any better, the Truth would have had at least 25-30 points.

Michael W said...

The American League is going to be interesting next year. Boston still has the inside track, but Detroit and Seattle have gotten a lot better, and nobody really knows if the Yankees are going to be great or stink next year! Cleveland still looks good. Heck, the only team that doesn't look better is Minnesota.

Salem Foods said...

hope you can graciously admit defeat for your KG comment on this post. the celts beat the spurs by 8 without KG and without Perkins, who would have been the backup. our rookie, Glen Davis, made trouble for Duncan all night and the Celts beat the spurs for only the second time since 1997 - WITHOUT their two best big men on the floor. so no, the celtics are definitely NOT a buzzer-beater away from being Minnesota. did i mention they're 16-0 against the western conference now?